tKOX Draft Party (Updated)…

Big things happening in today’s post, so it’s a good thing that of the 28 players in this year’s field, only the Michigan State boys have any reason to pay attention to the games going on right now. NEVER MIND. And speaking as a perpetual loser, they’ve been so spoiled by their team that they probably won’t even care about the tournament until the Final Four. SO LISTEN UP.

We’ve finalized the price of this year’s tournament. $454 per player. That covers: all your golf, hotel Thursday through Sunday, lunch Friday/Saturday, some apps Saturday night (and hopefully a box of hot dogs), the bus, all the prizes and gifts. Again, if you want a more detailed breakdown, just let me know.

A few of the charges have already hit my credit card and the rest will be hitting it soon enough, so if you guys can start sending the money over as soon as possible, that’d be much appreciated. The massive charge is going to come early May, so at the absolute latest, please try to get me the money by May 7th. Paypal is the preferred method of payment, so just send it to my Gmail account.

Moving on…

The tKOX Draft Party is on deck! Since some of you guys have lives outside of tKO, we’re going to draft the teams as close to 5PM CT next Friday as possible, so you guys can scurry back home to your less awesome responsibilities, while the rest of us hone our scramble black out drunk skills. Anyone in the Chicagoland area, let’s meet up at Jefferson Tap next Friday (3/25) as soon as you can get there. Why Jefferson Tap, because it’s a confirmed shit hole and right by Union Station. For those of you not able to attend, we’ll try to broadcast the drawling live on the website as well as on Periscope.

Either we got an incredible voter turnout after last week’s post or someone was very busy voting from multiple devices, but there was a decisive winner in the poll. Round 2 will be played with a teammate in your cart! Hopefully you don’t hate each other! Personally, I think this is going to go a long way in building the comradery among the teams and really take this year’s tournament to the next level.

Just a reminder, each team of four will have one player from the pools below, which we’ll be selecting at random next Friday. You’ll play with a teammate in a 2 v 2 match in round one. Round two will be a 1 v 1 match, but you’ll have a teammate in your foursome. Round three is the flighted rounds, so who knows who you are playing with. And round four is the scramble, so you’ll be with all of your teammates there. We’ll release the round one and two match ups on Thursday night, tKO Eve, but since you’ll know your team by next Friday, you can start planning outfits and team handshakes immediately.

You might have noticed an onslaught of fairway files posts from Chris this morning? That’s because the handicaps for the pools are locked in as of this morning and he wanted out of the trash pool. Did you have a million old scores you wanted enter? Too fucking bad, you should’ve been sitting next to us at the Bulls game last night. And really should’ve been doing it all along, so cry me a river. Your official tKOX Bixler handicap won’t be locked in until the week of the tournament, so if you do have old scores, still enter them in. Here are your pools, remember one from each pool makes up your team.


Alright gents, send me that money and I hope to see most of you guys next Friday. But more importantly, send me that money.


One thought on “tKOX Draft Party (Updated)…

  1. Chris says:

    I definitely did not want out of the trash pool. Now some poor team is stuck with me as their Recycle Bin pick.

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