Vote or die…

It’s Friday, the sun is out, and I really don’t feel like doing work, so bonus post this week!

You’ll be happy to know that we’ve finally settled the transportation situation. We were able to secure a few vans, since all the buses in the Midwest were spoken for. I know, not optimal, but you won’t care when you’re passed out on the way home anyway. However, we did negotiate a later pick up time from Glendarin Hills (now 10pm). I’m expecting pure mayhem in that extra hour of bar time. Don’t let me down, IAN.

We’re still waiting on a few other things to be finalized, but expect the total cost to be in the $445 – $450 range. Like always, this will cover golf, hotel, breakfast,  lunch, some finger foods to pick on Saturday night at GDH, bus, entry fee, etc. And yes, I’m keeping all the receipts in case I get accused to siphoning money out of the tKO fund. Once we get this nailed down, I’ll happily start accepting checks and PayPal payments since some charges are already on my card.

Alright, enough with the boring stuff. Now that the field is officially set, we can finally start talking about this year’s layout.


In an effort to place more emphasis on the team aspect of the Kendallville Open, we’re going to switch things up this year. Instead of the 2 teams captained by the current Bixler and RDGC champs, the X will feature seven teams of four players. Based on handicaps on the day of the draft (March 25th), the field will be split into 4 pools. Each team will consist of one player from each pool, which will be chosen at random at the draft. This way all the team should be relatively on par with one another, each team with one player from the top 7, one from the second 7, one from the recycle bin 7 (as dubbed by Chris), and one from the trash can 7 (also named by Chris and which he is a member of). And as always, to make sure things are as even as possible, all matches (except for the flight championships) will be handicap weighted, but these handicaps won’t be finalized until right before tKO.

Round 1 – Noblehawk – 2 v 2 match play. Same as last year. 2 players from one team will play 2 players from another team in a combined score match play game. Again, scores will be adjusted for handicaps. Each match will be worth a point value yet to be determined.

Round 2 – Cobblestone – 1 v 1 match play. Scoring will be the same as round 1, only you’re going out on your own this time. There’s a poll at the bottom of this post pertaining to round 2, so don’t be a dick and just read the email. GO TO THE SITE AND VOTE.

Round 3 – Glendarin Hills – Flighted championships, based on your round 1 and 2 gross scores. Team points will be distributed for your final place on the Bixler leaderboard, as well as bonus points for flight champions.

Round 4 – Glendarin Hills – The Scramble. Duh. Points for (or against) based on your score to par. We might weigh the scramble points a little heavier, still figuring that out.

Gonna be so many spreadsheets in play this year, I can’t wait. I love spreadsheets. I am now taking applications for the position of Official Scorer. That’s going to be miserable.

So here’s where the Board needs your input. For round 2, the 1 v 1 match, what would you rather do?

Option 1 – Foursomes would include 2 players from the same team, however it would still be a 1 v 1 match. For example, a foursome would be player 1A, 1B, 2C, 2D. Player 1A would play 2C, player 1B against 2D. The positive of this format is that hopefully it would build the team bond. Player 1A could help read putts for 1B, even though they are in completely separate matches. Player 2D could chew out player 2C if he’s getting smoked, hopefully inspiring him to come back in the match. The negative here would be limiting the number of different people you play with over the weekend. It’s very unlikely, but possible that you play with someone three times in this case, one of the rounds on Friday, then the same flight on Saturday morning, and obviously again in the scramble.

Option 2 – Foursomes would include 4 players all from different teams. In this example, a foursome could be players 1A, 2B, 3C, 4D. 1A v 2B and 3C vs 4D. Just like in option 1, there’s a slim, but none-zero, possibility that you’ll be paired up with a teammate in the flight championships, which would mean playing with someone 3 times over the weekend. This case is highly unlikely in both options, but slightly less likely here. The negative here being the sense of team camaraderie may take a hit.

You can make your arguments in the comments, but vote, goddamn it, it’s your civic duty. Poll closes in a week.


6 thoughts on “Vote or die…

  1. Jeremy says:

    4 votes for option 2? Why are we having teams if we aren’t going to use them?

  2. B1X says:

    Jeremy is the new Mitt Romney.

  3. Jeremy says:

    I will be holding a press conference later bashing option 2 for no reason.

  4. Anonymous says:

    How about doing a modified stableford system for one of the rounds? That would spice up the round a little bit. Math, Math, Math!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Whatever keeps team Mustang Mark/Greg winning streak in tact…option 1!

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