2016 tKO Rookie Class…

Ladies and gentlemen (mostly gentlemen)(just gentlemen)(actually, just men),

It’s with great pleasure that I’d like to present to you all, the 2016 Kendallville Open Rookie class!



Trey B.

“Once the Cahill’s left Chicago Julie had to find new golfing buddies for Mike to replace the Founding Fathers.  Enter Trey – a fellow co-worker at Cha-Cha (seriously, can Cahill find any golfing buddies on his own?).  Though their first encounter, a double date to Cirque Du Soliel made Mike a bit unsure, once they got on the golf course Mike knew Trey had tKO potential.  With beer consumption a slightly higher priority than his golf game, Trey dissected the course with his trusty 3 wood.  Mike, not wanting to waste his priority status pick, put Trey through 3 more years of a trial period before the offer was extended and accepted.  Career highlight – hole-in-one.  Skill to add to the tKO brand – optimize and grow tKO web/twitter traffic”

~ Mike C. (Trey’s sponsor)

Chairman’s notes: When I asked Trey for a picture to put up on the site, he gave me two options. The first one ,currently on the Player Bios page, featured his daughter (total dad move!). I was obviously forced to crop her out, which made me feel like a horrible person. Thanks a lot, Trey. The second, shown above, is the incredible stunt shot titled “ace.jpeg”. Glad to see we have another person to join me in the Hole In One Club. Hopefully it wasn’t in a scramble, like the bullshit one Mike C. claims. More importantly, I believe that’s a Silver Bullet in hand, I can only hope that there is also a butchered shotgunned empty on that tee box. Welcome aboard, Trey.


Andre G.

“Andre plays in a lot of golf outings every year, seriously like every weekend, but when I told Andre about tKO I he understood it was different.  He immediately inquired about the application process, and we got him on the wait list.  Andre is a fellow Michigander and our first WMU Bronco.  Many of you have seen Andre scores on fairwayfiles.com, he will be a contender.  I don’t know why I keep inviting people I can’t beat. (I think I am the worst golfer I know).  But Andre is more than a pretty score, he is always down for some 90’s rap and plenty of beers during a round.  He should make a popular scramble teammate.  Career highlight, hole-in-one that won him a round a TPC Sawgrass.  (He hasn’t picked a partner for the round so kissing his ass might get you a round at TPC Sawgrass.)”

~ Kevin (Andre’s sponsor)

Chairman’s notes: Dre actually requested that the hunting picture be used to for his introduction, I’m assuming in some kind of attempt to intimidate us. Nice try, Dre, but I don’t see any antlers on that deer, so I’m assuming it’s either a female or child. Real manly. Sidenote: I have no idea if that’s true or how nature works. I also don’t see any empties piled up in the bed of that truck, so that needs me to believe that was a dead sober shot. Lot of good that skill will do you in Kendallville. I’ve played a few rounds with Dre and trust me, he’s the real deal. I was with him when he dropped a 75 at Cog Hill, all while listening to the play by play of Lions game, so he obviously can stay focused while being inundated with sadness.

In other tKO news, every goddamn bus in the Midwest is occupied that Saturday, so we still haven’t worked out the whole transportation issue. But once that’s settled, I’ll throw up a post with the final cost for the weekend and what all that entails.

A slight correction to the last post, the draft party will be on March 25th, not the 27th, so go ahead and get that on your calendar. We haven’t figured out a location yet, but just be careful and block off about 8 hours and the next morning for your hangover.

And lastly, also from the last post, I mentioned how Bandon Dunes books 50 years in advance so you basically can set up golf trips for heirs but not yourself. Well I’m not giving up yet, goddamn it. Since February is a no go, who all would be interested in an early November trip out there? I’m assuming Nov 2016 is a long shot, so I’m thinking Nov 2017. And since you have to book a half-life in advance, it’s obviously not to early to start thinking about it or booking. It’s slightly more expensive and the days are shorter, so the layout of the trip would have to be adjusted, but I think it’s definitely possible. So if you are still interested, let me know.

I’ll be putting up a post with the new layout for tKOX soon enough, but in the meantime, start getting ready. Two and half months will go by in an instant.


2 thoughts on “2016 tKO Rookie Class…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bandon in Nov ’17!

  2. AJ says:

    November is no good for me. Too many birthdays, plus thanksgiving…

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