A new day

I know it’s been a quiet couple weeks (months?) since the last post, but don’t think for a minute that the tKO machine hasn’t been hard at work. We’re still finalizing the field, so once we have that figured out except a cool 10,000 word post from me about this year’s event. In the meantime, here are a couple updates:

  • The 2017 Bandon trip has run into some issues. The most prominent being that the entire weekend we were looking to do it is completely booked … one full year in advance. So back to the drawing board there. Don’t give up on us yet, we’ll need to discuss either a date or venue change, but we’re going to pull off a tenth anniversary trip one way or another. I’m all ears over here, however I’m most receptive after 5 hour binge drinking sessions with Shane and Mark from tKONN.
  • There’s a possibility that this year’s event will go from $430 closer to $460. What can I say? Inflation, bro. Actually, the bus company we’ve used in the past is completely booked that weekend, so Greg and I are trying to figure out some other options. Fret not, you will not be expected to drive anywhere on Saturday. Once we have that locked down, I’ll let everyone know what to except to pay this year.
  • Keep Friday March 25th open for a “draft party”. It’s during the NCAA tournament, so it’s not like you wouldn’t be drinking then anyway. Dads, run it by the wife and check the Metra schedule.

So you might have noticed the website looks a little different and that incredibly dope new masthead up there. No big deal, just Art Director Keith’s latest and greatest tKO contribution. And did our new logo come with an entire deck on our brand’s journey?  Of course it did. Seriously, you need to look at this.
















For real, this man is a legend.


3 thoughts on “A new day

  1. Cahill says:

    Awesome work Keith!

  2. Curtis Condict says:

    The brand logo is tight! Keith is my hero. Looking great, boys.

  3. Horns Down says:

    Solid, Keith! But I don’t wanna be there when Laverne and Shirley see it.

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