The Murphy Invitational


Couple things, the Murphy Invitational is this weekend. You can follow all the action live either here or on the Golf Gamebook App (code: 245770). See, aren’t you guys glad I forced you into downloading that app now? All worth it.

Also, make sure you guys enter in your scores on Fairway Files, even if the only time you play is at tKO, I’m talking to YOU, half of tKOX field! And in case you have no idea what you’ve shot in past tKOs, everyone’s scores are posted on the History page. We’re looking to make a couple of big changes to the format for tKOX and we’ll need an updated handicap as possible for everyone.

Lastly, that post about Bandon Dunes in 2017 wasn’t a joke. This is absolutely something we’re going to try to pull off. As is the deal when setting up a trip like this, planning is going to be pretty intense and we’ll need to get the ball rolling pretty early. Like now early. We obviously won’t book anything now, but we should probably start having the discussion about who is interested and when they can go. So if Bandon is something you’d want to do, shoot me an email. And like I said before, this isn’t a tKO exclusive trip. If you know someone that would just want to come along, include them.

Alright, that’s it for now. Enter in your scores, assholes! I’ll post a picture of myself and a shirtless Danny hoisting the Murphy Invitation Cup on Monday. Believe that.


3 thoughts on “The Murphy Invitational

  1. Peckerwood says:

    Chairman are you pissed that Mole Killer Murphy correctly calls his event an Invitational? Be good to the cart girls at Eaglewood!

  2. Contrary to what you may think, Mr. Peckerwood, the Kendallville Open is open for everyone who qualifies, just like the US Open. The only difference is the qualification process is based solely on whether or not I’d like to invite them to the tournament. Pretty straightforward actually. Thanks for your concern though.

  3. Greg says:

    Brendan-Can we see that picture of you hoisting the Murphy Invitational trophy?

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