The Hardware Chapter 2…

Austin, Nate, and (to a much lesser extent) Shane weren’t the only guys bringing home trophies at tKOIX.  This year’s competitions for flight glasses and staying clear of Chris’s Trash Flight were more fierce than ever before. Shout out to these guys!

5th Flight Champ – Jeremy

tKOIX 246

Jeremy might be our most decorated tKO-er of all time, taking home his second flight glass this year, to go with the tKOVI Bixler Blazer. He somehow managed to fight off a late charge from none other than Danny (?!?!?!) to hold on, despite putting up 19 on #15. I guess Danny putting up a 16 on the same hole didn’t really help. Jesus, a 19?!?!? That’s just kind of setting in now. Jeremy, you might have to give that pint class up.

4th Flight Champ – Mat

tKOIX 231

BRUH, Mat beat the brakes off everyone in the fourth flight, dropping a 94 and cruising to a flight championship by 8 strokes. I believe that was Mat’s best round in tKO history by a whopping 6 strokes. However, that kind of makes me think he’s just been sandbagging for 3 years. 94 at Glendarin would’ve been good enough to win the tie for the second flight chip. I hope this means big things out of you next year, Mat.

3rd Flight Champ – Wally

tKOIX 224It wasn’t quite the cake walk that Mat had, but Wally’s winning margin of 7 strokes is still pretty damn impressive. Wally flies in every year from half way across the world for the Kendallville Open, and I’m happy to finally see him leave with something to show for his efforts. And good thing the scramble round was in the afternoon, but Ben, Ian, and Tall James basically killed him. Not cool guys, that’s my dad! Sike, get him wasted.

2nd Flight Champ – Asian James

tKOIX 227

I had a front row seat to this battle, and let me tell you, it was RIVETING. That car ride back to Michigan with AJ and Ian had to be awkward, because they were straight up rooting against each for the whole back nine. Ian refusing to help look for AJ’s ball, Asian James openly cheering when Ian’s shot ending up in the lake on #16. It all came down to the 18th hole, Ian was down one and after another thunderous drive and approach, he’d reach the green in two. Asian James, taking the Zach Johnson approach, had made it there in regulation, and was looking at a likely par. It was basically exactly like the 72nd hole at the US Open. Ian had one putt to win and two putts to tie. BOOM THREE PUTT.  Asian James might have completely fallen apart after a round 1 lead, but he held on here to win his second flight glass.

1st Flight  – Mike C.

tKOIX 238 tKOIX 236 tKOIX 235 tKOIX 234

Legend status achieved. Look at this man! That’s a man who’s suffered through nine years of unrequited tKO love. Can you believe that this is the first trophy Mike has ever taken home from Kendallville? Well technically he never took the flight glass home, I ended up picking it up the next day when I stopped by Glendarin Hills to make sure we weren’t banned for life. Semantics. Congrats, Mike. You earned it.

Championship Flight – Rich


Always the bride’s maid, Rich finally made it happen at tKOIX. While Saturday morning might have been a coronation for Nate, Rich was busy setting that course on fire. Not only did his 81 at Glendarin Hills win the Championship flight, it also set a tKO Glendarin Hills course record and nearly passed Austin for the Bixler Blazer as he stumbled to the finish line. Unfortunately, a bogey on 18 ended that dream, and while it wasn’t the Blazer, hopefully the pint glass cushioned his fall a little. But probably not.

I believe we started passing out flight champ glasses at tKOV, so if you won one before then, too bad. That’s some pre-merger Cleveland Browns shit, no one cares. We need to start bringing them to Glendarin Hills and drinking pints of Fireball out of them. In fact, that rule was just put into place. If you’ve ever won a flight glass, bring it to tKOX and drink a pint of Fireball out of it. And then die on the bus ride home. I’m not even taking that one to the Board, just because I know it would pass unanimously. So here’s an update on the race for the Dinner Party aka 4 flight glasses.

2 – Ian, Asian James, Greg, Jeremy, White James, Indy Mark (retired), Kevin, Nathan

1 – Brendan, Mike C., Shane, Austin, Mustang Mark, Rich, Curt, Mark S., Mat, Wally, King George (retired), Pete, Tall James

0 – Mike R., Brooks (retired), Marty, Keith, Ben, Bryce, Danny, Chris, Lloyd


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