Survive and Advance….

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Some time has passed and the emotional wounds are healed enough that I am finally ready to revisit the Kendallville Open IX. I say this every year, but far and away our best one yet. I can’t thank everyone enough for the roles they played in making tKOIX a resounding success. With us being down our vice-chairman this year, it was essential that everyone stepped up to the plate to help pull this thing off. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Despite life threatening storms, we somehow managed to play extra holes, and will hopefully still be allowed at each of the courses, the Best Western, and the Applebee’s next year!

Speaking of next year, mark your (ovulation) calendars now, because I don’t want to hear any excuses. The Tenth Kendallville Open will be begin on Friday, May 20th and conclude on Saturday, May 21st, in the year of our Lord 2016. There will be no exceptions made. Yes, we will be keeping the two day format. After hearing all of the cases for and against, the Board decided that there were just too many pros. Most of the cons came from people who either fell apart or next contended, claiming exhaustion. And to them, I say “kick rocks.” Not having to golf that Sunday was pure bliss. For those of you that are curious why we’re going back to the original date, we’re hoping the courses/hotel will be a little less crowded and the pre-peak season price break that comes before Memorial Day. We’ve obviously proved that Mother Nature is not the formidable foe we once feared, so no bitching about the threat of bad weather. Do yourself a favor and keep putting in those scores on, especially the scores from this year’s tKO. Even if you are on the outside looking in at next year’s field, stay the course. You never know what we have planned for the X.

Official Photog Mat did an incredible job of capturing this year’s tournament. And just to keep everyone focused on next  May, I’ll slowly start leaking some of those picture out over the off-season with a series of posts. Starting now….

tKOIX 295

The Hardware (Chapter 1)

tKOIX 212Shane learned that there are repercussions for putting co-ed rec league volleyball ahead of this storied event. Do not test the golf gods, Shane. I hope you take this hard lesson learned and come back next year with a black soul seeking only redemption and vengeance.

tKOIX 250While the RDGC finish (for the second year in a row) was more of a coronation of King Nate than nail biter, it will never get old witnessing history.  After upsetting six RDGC champ Mike R. last year, Nathan hasn’t looked back. Are we in the midst of the next legendary run in Kendallville? One can’t help but think so.

tKOIX 274And what more can we say about the tKOIX Bixler Champion, Austin M.? Joining the tournament in the great expansion of tKOIV, where his total score of 301 was good enough for a T10 finish, he’s score has improved every year, culminating in this year’s 273, edging out Rich for his spot in tKO folklore. His is a story of perseverance.

Let this post be a lesson to all of you, work hard enough and your dreams can be realized. But take for granted this beautiful land we call Kendallville, Indiana, and she will break your heart. Keep shooting for the stars, boys. Until next time, this is your commissioner signing off.


2 thoughts on “Survive and Advance….

  1. Bixnonymous says:

    Well said and well done, Chairman. Going forward, can the Board do whatever is necessary to guarantee a Glen D. Hills photobombing of the DFL presentation? I think this deserves to be an annual tradition.

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