#tKOIX Eve…

Just a few points I meant to add in the last Rulez post and forgot. Nothing all that new here, just want to make sure everyone knows what the fuck is going on.

  • When posting stuff to social media, use the #tKOIX hashtag, so in two weeks when I’m incredibly depressed, it’ll be easy to look back at my run Bixler championship glory.
  • With the exception of the Scramble round on Saturday afternoon, everyone is playing their own ball on every hole for every shot. Even if your team gets closed out during the match play event in round one, make sure you finish the round.
  • Play every fucking hole. If you are sucking and about to get a 15 on a hole, make sure you actually finish it out. The moment you pick up mid-hole and just say give me an 8 is the exact moment when you officially withdrawal from tKOIX and I hate you forever.
  • As always, we’re playing gimmies inside the leather. That means if you put your putter (RIP PUTTY) head in the hole and your ball is before where you grip starts, the putt is good. You still have to count that stroke, but we can just assume that we’d make it if we tried, which is an incorrect assumption, but whatever.
  • No breakfast balls, no mulligans, not even on the first hole.
  • Play that shit as it lies. No adjusting your ball so it has a good lie in the rough. No fucking foot wedges. None of that shit. Have some goddamn pride, will ya?
  • You are responsible for your own score. I’m quoting this from last year’s post, but it deserves repeating: It is also your responsibility to keep an eye on everyone in your group’s score. I know that no one we’d invite would be a big enough dick to actually shave strokes, but I’m certain we’ve invited some people who can’t fucking count. So you think so and so got an 8 on a hole, but he says he got a 7. Bring it up. If you need to bring it up every hole, do so. Hopefully he will learn how to count his own strokes. If it continues to be a problem, you can say something to me, but all I can do is say “everyone in your group thinks you are either retarded or a cheating asshole, get your shit together.” This weekend is all about a good time, so pretty please with a cherry on top respect the game, the tournament, and your fellow competitors.

Alright boys, that’s the last of it. Everyone travel safely into Mecca today. God bless you, every last one of you.



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