It’s here. It’s finally here. The Kendallville Open Week is upon us! Handicaps finalized yesterday, so we’re all set with the lines for this year’s match ups. CHECK IT.

Round 1 – Noblehawk – 8AM Shotgun Start – In this round, you and your teammate will play your own ball all the way through each hole. Which ever pairing has the lowest combined score wins the hole, and all the scorecards will be marked to indicate who is receiving strokes and when. Whoever wins the most holes will win 6 points for their respective team. I pray to God that everyone understands how this works by now, but if you don’t, find me on Thursday night and I’ll disappointingly explain it in further detail.

Match #1 – Tee #1A –

Ian & White James 


Rich & Mat (+10)


Match #2 – Tee #1B –

Kevin & Tall James 


Brendan & Lloyd (+1)


Match #3 – Tee #18 –

Ben & Wally 


Asian James & Austin (+5)


Match #4 – Tee #17A –

Mark S. & Pete (+25)


Jeremy & Mike C.


Match #5 – Tee #17B –

Shane & Marty 


Keith & Nathan (+7)


Match #6 – Tee #16 –

Danny & Chris (+21)


Greg & Mark C.


Round 2 – Cobblestone – 2PM Shotgun State – This round, everyone will play their own ball all round, and whoever has the lowest net score (that would be your score minus your handicap) will win 5 points for their team, second lowest wins 3 points, and third wins 1 point, and last place wins 0 points. Here are your pairings, handicaps, and hole designations. All scorecards will have your handicaps marked, so this should be pretty straight forward.

Match #1 – Tee 1A

Nathan (10 strokes)

Marty (21)

Greg (22)

Kevin (25)


Match #2 – Tee 1B

Ben (20 strokes)

Austin (22)

Mark S. (33)

Keith (40)


Match #3 – Tee 2A

Tall James (10 strokes)

Asian James (21)

Ian (21)

Mat (26)


Match #4 – Tee 2B

Mark C. (29 strokes)

Jeremy (34)

Pete (40)

Danny (45)


Match #5 – Tee 3A

White James (9 strokes)

Rich (13)

Mike C. (14)

Shane (21)


Match #6 – Tee 3B

Brendan (17 strokes)

Lloyd (17)

Wally (17)

Chris (27)


2 thoughts on “tKO WEEK…

  1. shorts says:

    “shitshow” emoji

  2. Jeremy says:

    Welp. It’s official, I will not get anything else done this week at work. I am just going to start walking to Noble Hawk now. Google says it will take 48 hours so I should be getting there when the Chicago drivers do as well.

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