10 Day Forecast…

We’ve officially reached my least favorite day of the year, 10 days out of tKO when all I can do is stare at the 10 day forecast for Kendallville, Indiana and try not to have a heart attack. Really going to enjoy the next week and a half.

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for paying, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous about putting $10G down to cover this thing, but I should have know you guys would never let me down. So outside of the weather, everything is ready to go for next weekend. NEXT. FUCKING. WEEKEND.

I have no idea if the ride situation in and out of Fort Wayne has been worked out, but as far as the Chicago heads go, we’re in good shape. The six of us playing the practice round should be finishing up right around you guys are starting to get to town. If any of you want to tool around on the range, we’ll be at Noble Hawk, otherwise we’ll meet up at the hotel and/or whatever shit bar we can find. Unfortunately, the one we went to last year is no longer open. Shocking revelation there.

Speaking of the hotel, here are the rooming assignments. Feel free change these shits however you want, just make sure you check in as such. Based on my experience booking this year, you really don’t want to throw any curve balls at these folks.

Brendan Y & Wally Y
Mike C & James H
Ben L & Lloyd D
Marty M & Danny D
Nathan M & Mark S
Chris A & Pete L
James T & Kevin R
James U & Ian S
Mark C & Mathew H
Greg P & Jeremy W
Shane C & Austin M
Rich B & Keith R
Just a reminder, handicaps are locked in based on your Fairway Files index on Monday evening, May 25th. So if you are squeezing in a few rounds to get that last respectable score out and push you handicap up, make sure you remember to enter in your scores by Monday night. The Oddsmaker (Mike C.) needs a few days to set the lines to make sure the smart money doesn’t come in too early and takes advantage of those soft lines.
Oh yeah, still looking for a few good men who want to avoid their families and get another round in on Sunday morning. Let me know something by this weekend so I can set something up for them.
Alright men, it’s time to get down to business.

One thought on “10 Day Forecast…

  1. […] A handful of us are playing at Noblehawk at 2PM on Thursday, so if you want to meet up over there feel free. Otherwise, you can check into the Best Western under your own name. In case you forgot, here are the rooming assignments. […]

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