tKONN presents…

Oh, were you hoping to do something productive today? Too bad. You’ll watch this video 100 times and accomplish nothing else. It’s been far too long since the last tKONN production, but it takes eons for a piece of coal to become a diamond. Masterpiece theater, y’all!

Jesus, I love you tKONN.

It’s not too late for you guys to submit your Oscar worthy productions, however it’s going to be hard for you to crack the ballot with both this and Bryce’s film already released.

I’m not sure anyone is going to read this far down, but if you are, a couple things:

  • The full amount for tKO hits my credit card this Friday, so if you haven’t paid, please do so ASAP. Mostly everyone has paid, so thanks for that.  Remember, Shane is my muscle, don’t make him pull them things out.
  • Because Asian James is a full on animal, he wants to know if anyone is interested in playing a round with him and Ian on Sunday. Once I get an idea how many guys want to play, I’ll see what times and which course is available. 5 rounds in 3 days just wasn’t enough for AJ and Ian, gotta get that 6th round in. ASIAN JAMES IS A LEGEND.

Alright guys, we’re two weeks out. Only four more days until I can start obsessively refreshing the ten day forecast for Kendallville. Just a reminder, handicaps are locked in on Memorial Day, so make sure you have all your rounds in Fairway Files by then. And download that goddamn app and add me as a friend. And NO, I WILL NOT DOWNLOAD IT AND ADD YOU ON THURSDAY NIGHT AT THE HOTEL, MARTY.


3 thoughts on “tKONN presents…

  1. Hurricane Mike says:

    Looked like a quick, painless death out there on the golf course…I approve!

  2. shorts says:

    well done. we should all be so lucky to have firecrackers at our cremation.

  3. […] importantly as you walk off the green, please take a moment to pay your respects to our dear friend Putty, who was laid to rest right behind the green. Taken from us far too soon. We’ll always love you. […]

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