Listen, I’m not proud to admit this, but when Bryce told me he wasn’t going to be able to attend this year’s tournament, a very small part of me thought “maybe we’ve seen the last of Bryce in Kendallville?” Maybe tKO is just too much stress? If you’ve ever seen Bryce during a fantasy draft, you know stress management isn’t one of his stronger points. Maybe tKO was just too much for him? We all know it’s impossible to get Bryce to commit to anything. Since he’s never brought home any hardware for actual golf play, was the loss of his Best Mother Fucking Dressed title the straw the broke the camel’s back? Little did we know…

(Warning: This shit is Game of Thrones level graphic, so maybe don’t watching this while eating.)

Bryce is a goddamn legend. I’m dedicating my Bixler run to you this year, B. I love you.

Gentlemen, we are officially inside of a month to the Kendallville Open IX. Play time is over.


3 thoughts on “Dedication…

  1. aj says:

    Hey Bryce, you’re bleeding

  2. Bixler I says:

    I’m not impressed. Call me when you look as pretty as Bruce Jenner. Seriously, call me.

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