After the unprecedented championship runs by rookie Chris and sophomore Nathan last year, the board was forced to take a closer look at the Kendallville Open’s exemption qualifications. And due to the every growing popularity of the event, we’ve decided that starting with tKOIX, Bixler and RDGC champions will no longer receive a life time exemption, but instead will only be exempt for 5 years.

Past champions will always be welcomed back to Kendallville for ceremonial first shots, like this:

Or this:


But unfortunately, with the potential field growing more and more every year, we just can’t hold your spot forever because you were the blind squirrel that found a nut that one year.  However, that 5 year exemption should give you enough tKO points to secure your spot in the field for the long haul.

Speaking of tKO points, I just want to remind everyone that due to the clusterfuck that was scheduling this year, Bryce, Curt, and Mike R. won’t be hit with negative points for missing tKOIX. However, Curt, you better make sure you make it to tKOX, because some of those young bloods are creeping up on you.

So congrats to Mike R., White James, Nathan, Marty, Jeremy, and Chris. You were the last to receive the golden ticket.

Unrelated: disregard any of those alerts on your phone you might have received about me making birdies today. I was definitely at work (not working) and not at the golf course. We were just doing a test run of the app. And trust me, it’s fucking incredible. So if you haven’t already, download the app and add me as a friend. Also, if you have paid me, I’m definitely still accepting payments in every form possible. Don’t make me put Shane out on you.



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