Scramble Scoring

So maybe I didn’t plan things out that well and put way too much emphasis on the scramble score with 5 points per stroke. But our self-proclaimed Brain Father straightened things out. As he correctly argued, the scramble is a time for warm Tangueray shots, not golf shots. I took this issue the competition committee, and they struck gold, so shout out to Shane and Mike C., or as Greg pointed out, the Only Mike.

Here’s how scoring for scramble is going to work. Instead of every stroke over/under par being worth 5 points toward your team’s total, the captains will choose point values of 3, 2, or 1 for the opposing foursomes. Each foursome must have a different point value.

For example, team Bixler is down huge, which will almost certainly be the case, and needs to make up points big time going into the scramble. Chris notices that Greg, Jeremy, Lloyd, and Nathan are all already three sheets and have no chance of putting together a respect scramble score. So Chris assigns them the 3 pointer, and prays they shot a +5, or as I like to call it, The Robinson Special. Obviously, Chris will assign my foursome the 1 point per stroke value, so we’re most definitely going -10, leaving the last foursome to play for 2 points per stroke.

Crystal clear? I thought so.

Also, last year’s scoring app went down, so we’re trying a new one this year. Pete, Chris, Ben and I took it out for a test drive last weekend AND IT’S INCREDIBLE. So do me a favor, download this shit. You’ll have to make an account and add me as a Friend on there. You can enter in your handicap from Fairway Files if you want, but you don’t have to. A week before tKOIX I’ll go in and lock everyone’s handicaps in anyway. Seriously, this app is amazing, there’s a smack board so we can send dick pics to each other. And it keeps both the Bixler and RDGC scoreboards so I can’t screw it up with my non-existent Asian math skillz.

Golf Gamebook (iPhone)

Golf Gamebook (Android)

One more thing, there’s actually some kind of league at Cobblestone on Thursday, so the practice round will be at Noblehawk this year. We’re shooting for a 3PM tee time, in case anyone wants to meet us out there.

Alright, we’re officially 6 weeks out. I have no idea how I’m going to handle this.


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