Draft recap…

Holy shit, that all happened fast.

When we originally set up the draft party idea, I just assumed we’d pick the teams and maybe do the second round random drawings. However, things escalated quickly. Before I knew it, we knocked out both teams and pairings for rounds one and two, plus the scramble groups. Great hustle out of you guys! I’m not going to break down the draft pick by pick, just know that I was the 8th overall pick and if I get paired up with anyone that was picked over me, I will tomahawk a club into your cart, Drunken Ben style.

Without a doubt, the highlights of draft night were Chris looking at Nathan looking to his newly drafted teammates for advice and saying he preferred a Bellicheckian style of leadership. And Nathan having absolutely no idea what Twitter was and asking Jeremy if his tweets would show up on the notepad app on his smart phone. Definitely two different cultures bumping heads here.

The rest of the draft was a huge success, except for when 50% of Team Bixler told me to my face that they could pull of tKO without me. YOU WILL RUE THE DAY.  But here’s the important stuff. Teams, listed in alphabetical order.

Team RDGC Team Bixler
Nathan (Captain) Chris (Captain)
Austin Ben
Brendan Danny
Greg Ian
James, Asian Kevin
Jeremy James, Tall
Keith James, White
Lloyd Mark S.
Mark C. Marty
Mat Pete
Mike C. Shane
Rich Wally

Round 1 Match Ups – Remember, these are handicap weighted, combined score match play rounds. Each match is worth six points towards their team total. Since handicaps aren’t locked in until the week before the tournament, I’ll figure out how many strokes going to whom (I think I used whom correctly there) then. But take a peak over at Fairway Files, if you want to start strategizing. Fairway Files is also extremely useful when trying to procure a Thai girlfriend, according to their banner ads.

Group 1 – Marty & Shane vs Nathan & Keith

Group 2 – Danny & Chris vs Greg & Mark C.

Group 3 – Kevin & Tall James vs Lloyd & Brendan

Group 4 – Pete & Mark S. vs Jeremy & Mike C.

Group 5 – Ben & Wally vs Austin & Asian James

Group 6 – Ian & White James vs Rich & Mat

Round 2 – Again, handicap weighted. Lowest net score is worth five points to their team’s total. Second lowest is worth three, third lowest is worth one, and last is worth zero.

Group 1 – Marty, Kevin, Nathan, Greg

Group 2 – Ian, Tall James, Mat, Asian James

Group 3 – Chris, Wally, Lloyd, Brendan

Group 4 – Ben, Mark S., Austin, Keith

Group 5 – White James, Shane, Mike C., Rich

Group 6 – Danny, Pete, Mark C., Jeremy

Scramble – Each stroke over or under par is worth five points towards your team’s total

Bixler Group 1 Bixler Group 2 Bixler Group 3
Chris Kevin Ben
Marty Danny Ian
Shane White James Tall James
Pete Mark S. Wally
RDGC Group 1 RDGC Group 2 RDGC Group 3
Greg Mike C. Rich
Lloyd Brendan Keith
Nathan Mat Asian James
Jeremy Mark C. Austin

So keep pumping in those fairway files scores (shout out to my 97!), we’re only six weeks away from the start of tKO Week.


7 thoughts on “Draft recap…

  1. Jeremy says:

    I thought I dreamt our team was awesome. Nope, it was real life. I think we are officially in a dormie situation already.

  2. Brainfather says:

    A thought for the Board: as the Scramble was my brainchild (that’s right, Mike R.!), I feel that +/-5 points per stroke is too heavily weighted in comparison to the rest of the competition. Sure, 4 drunk idiots (or 3 + James, White) should still be able to put a decent round together, but I thought the main goal of the Scramble was to forget how to keep score. So, Chairman & Co., I submit this request for a reduced Scramble scoring system that penalizes those late-round bogeys less harshly and rewards more justly that ideal combination of a few birdies, a few 70-degree Tanquerays, and at least one Danny vs. Mike C. wrestling match. Please advise.

  3. Keith says:

    I know math is not my strong suit but if the names are in alphabetical order shouldn’t Kevin go under the James’ in the bixler team?

  4. Greg says:

    While we are on mistakes…Why is there a ‘C’ after Mike’s name? There is only 1 Mike in tKO.

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