Draft Party and Practice Round…

First things first, the official tKO draft party is this Friday at Fairways in Chicago. So be there or I hate you.

Next up, thanks to everyone that’s already paid me. Trust that I’m putting that money to good use. I’ve already received the Flight Champion pint glasses. I’d put a picture up of one, but I’m pretty sure there’s some kind of curse on touching a glass that you haven’t yet won. So if anyone else feels like being a decent guy and wants to pay me now, check out the last post to see all the ways I’ll happily accept your money.

Lastly, if you are interested in playing in this year’s practice round, let me know by Friday. I’ll probably set it up for around 2:30PM on Thursday, May 28th. You can probably just show up and play, but do that at your own risk. I’m not sure when the Indiana Amish Open is this year, so don’t blame me if you can’t get on.

Alright folks, happy ALT+Tab-ing between generic spreadsheets and The Masters for the next two days!


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