Trying this again.

In order to keep the headaches to a minimum, I’m just going to front the bill for everyone (and collect points on my credit card).  Seriously, this shit has been beyond frustrating, and I think it’ll just be easiest this way. Also, Shane has already volunteered to be my debt collector, so I ain’t worry ’bout nuthin.

So here’s the deal, everyone is going to pay me $427.73, that is $352.73 for you hotel/golf/lunches plus $75.00 for your entry fee. Your entry fee covers all the prizes, trophies, your bus fare for Saturday, and gifts I can squeeze under the budget. Basically, the only expenses not covered will be your booze, Applebees, and Taco Bell. Seriously, if you guys want a breakdown dollar for dollar of what that $75 is going towards, let me know and I’ll post it. I don’t want anyone thinking I’m siphoning money out of the tKO account, which I totally should be doing.

Even though my card won’t be charged for a while, I’d really appreciate it if all of you could pay as soon as possible, just so I don’t have to  have Shane chase you down and kill you. If you are my dad or someone equally ancient, you can also send me a check. Email me if you need my address. Joking, checks are actually preferred, unless you have Chase quick pay. You can use Chase quick pay or Pay Pal to pay, both linked to my Gmail account, but if you Pay Pal, please be sure to send the money as a gift or payment owed, so I don’t have to pay the service fee for each of you. If I need to sign up for some shit like Venmo, let me know. I’m about getting this money by any means possible.

Also, anyone who is interested in playing at Cobblestone on Thursday afternoon, you have until 4/10 to let me know. You’ll pay for that round (~$40) at the course, but I’ll still need to know how many tee times to get. Anyone who doesn’t respond to me via email/text/comments about the practice round by 4/10 will not have a tee time.

CHICAGO HEADS, just a reminder, the tKOIX draft party is next Friday (4/10) at Fairways at 5:30PM, because we are old losers. 

So in closing, send me $427.73 ASAP and let me know if you want in on the Thursday practice round by 4/10. I understand if you can’t do it now, but please, please, please do it before 5/15. Or you’re gonna see Big Worm.


3 thoughts on “Trying this again.

  1. Jeremy says:

    I think the bigger question is are we moving the event to another state? #boycottindiana???

  2. Cahill says:

    If anything, Indiana should use tKO as a nationwide example of inclusion to help repair their image. I’ll see if Dean and Brenda can get the local news to show up for the opening shot of the previous year’s winners downing the first bottle of Smirnoff Ice.

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