Draft Party…

So we’re hitting pause on the whole payment situation until I can figure out how much the entry fee is going to be. This way you can just pay for everything at once and then all you’ll have to bring money for is booze, which will run you about …. all the money in the world. If you’ve already contacted the Kendallville people and provided your CC info, let me know and I’ll make sure that you aren’t charged and that all your information is sent to that prince in Nigeria that’s been emailing me. Hopefully I’ll have it figured out in the next week, so just stay tuned for that.

Anyway, much more exciting news coming up. And this is just for Chicago-land people, so all you assholes that moved away and left me here, you can eat one.

I’m talking about DRAFT PARTY!!!! We’re about to be like this, fam!

April 10th, 2015 – tKOIX Draft Party – Fairways Chicago

Why’s the draft so early? Because I’m working on big things. Nathan and Chris most likely won’t have a lot of recent rounds of out you guys to base their picks on, but who cares about actual on the course performance, tKO success is all about those good locker room guys. Also, this is the Friday of the Masters and we will be playing Augusta National on the simulator while shotgunning beers, unless they have Glendarin Hills loaded up. The location is actually Ben’s idea, so pair that with his idea to use that scoreboard app last year, and he’s almost worked off his debt for being a drunken idiot during the scramble.

So Chris and Nathan will draft their teams in private with me officiating, and then we’ll announce the teams to the masses. I’m looking for reactions like this out of you guys:

Or this:

So Chicago Suburbanites and/or dads, get that evening blocked off. We’ll probably do it around happy hour, assuming we can reserve it. Let me know if you’re in and we’ll book it.  And if at least one of you out-of-staters doesn’t fly in just for this, I will be extremely disappointed in you.


3 thoughts on “Draft Party…

  1. Kevin says:

    Brendan please tell me the big things being worked on are getting 24 of these things. http://www.golfboard.com/ Surf the Earth!!!

  2. Rich says:

    Sorry guys, but I can’t make it on Apr 10. My parents get into town that night

  3. Anonymous says:

    Arab is in

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