Official Business

After roughly 10,000 emails/phone calls with the good folks over at the Best Western of Kendallville, Indiana, I was finally able to confirm everything. Seriously, that shit was miserable. But we’re all good now.

The Kendallville Open IX – May 29th & 30th, 2015

Friday – 8AM @ Noblehawk & 2PM @ Cobblestone

Saturday – 8:30AM & 3PM @ Glendarin Hills

For the one millionth time, this is the Friday after Memorial Day, so keep that in mind. Also, unless you want to wake up at like 3 in the morning on Friday, you’ll have to come into Kendallville on Thursday night.

Golf/Hotel/Breakfast/Lunch = $352.73. This covers 3 nights in the hotel (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday), all your golf and cart fees, breakfast (if you can call it that) at the Best Western, and lunch on Friday and Saturday. I’ve set up lunch spreads for Friday at Cobblestone and Saturday at Glendarin that are both included in that number. Both rounds on Friday are shotgun starts, so timing shouldn’t be an issue. The Best Western has changed their booking policy and now your cards will be charged 7 days before check in, so this means either you have each have to individually call in your credit card information or I can put my card down for everyone and you’ll just give me that money. I think it’ll be much easier for everyone if I just put my card down and collect money from you, but if you have a problem with that, let me know.

I’m sure some of us will head over early on Thursday for a practice round, but that will be paid for separately and I’ll have to do is let them know how many we have, so I’ll finalize that later on.

Mike R. and I are still trying to figure out some of the details of this year’s tournament, so the exact entry fee has not been decided yet. However, I have already booked the charter bus for Saturday (pick up at 10PM this year!!!!) and the hole in one insurance. But when we have everything figured out, I’ll let you all know the details there.

Since my PC is on its last legs, there won’t be a video invitation this year, so we’re going with the middle school basketball team cuts technique. If you see your name on the list below, you are officially in the tKOIX field. You have until February 28th to accept. If I don’t hear from you by then, I’ll assume you are out and proceed down the waitlist. However, because we’ve had so many issues nailing the date down this year, there will be no penalty points for missing this year’s event. Also, we are 100% going back to our original date of the weekend before Memorial Day for tKOX, the contingency plan is no more. Stop knocking these hoes up! Anyway, on to the cuts (listed in order of tKO score):

  • Brendan
  • Mike R.
  • Mike C.
  • Marty
  • Shane
  • Ian
  • Austin
  • Asian James
  • Greg
  • Jeremy
  • Keith
  • Mustang Mark
  • Rich
  • White James
  • Ben
  • Bryce
  • Danny
  • FNG Mark
  • Kevin
  • Wally
  • Defending Champ Nate
  • Mat
  • Defending Champ Chris
  • Pete

Alright boys, remember RSVP BY FEBRUARY 28TH. Congratulations on your invitation.



4 thoughts on “Official Business

  1. Brooks says:

    Can I get on the wait list?

  2. Bixnonymous says:

    Way to fight through it, Chairman … even though I still smell a rat. I don’t mind calling Best Western so you don’t have to front 10 grand.

  3. Keith Raimondi says:


  4. AJ says:

    Do Asians like rice?? Does a bear shit in the woods?? Yeah I’m in!

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