tKOIX – May 29 & 30, 2015

So I’m still working on finalizing some of the tee times for Saturday, but tKOIX will most likely be May 29th & 30th. This is the Friday and Saturday after Memorial Day, so get that date on your calendars. I know the contingency date was originally vetoed, but as it turns out, the courses and hotels were already booked.

I’ve failed you all. I’ve always felt the Kendallville Open was too big to fail, but its legendary tales have finally spread to the masses and we are ones left behind. This reminds me of the story of Icarus, flying too near the Sun.

With Kendallville now rivaling Bandon Dunes and Myrtle Beach as the top golf destinations in the country, we’ll have to start booking tKO earlier moving forward. I mean like a year in advance. I’m not joking. I know. I don’t understand it either. But this means there will be no more contingency plans starting next year. Knock some chick up? Sorry.

Anyway, I’m hoping to have all the details for tKOIX locked up this week and once everything is confirmed, I’ll post the details here. In the meantime, check in with the boss/significant other and open that date up. Since we’ve moved the date around a million times, the final RSVP date is pushed back to February 15th. This way you can take your wife out to a romantic candle lit Valentine’s Day dinner, split a nice bottle of wine (or three), and then subtly let her know that you have plans May 29th and 30th when she’s wine drunk.

I know I’ve let you all down so far, but I promise to make it up to you. The Kendallville Open IX will be so legendary that town will never make the mistake of overbooking on our weekend again, because there will be nothing left come the morning sun.


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