He actually had the nerve to request it….

So, I’ll let the culprit remain anonymous (I’m sure you guys can figure it out), but someone actually requested to put the Contingency Plan into effect for tKOIX. This would move the Nine from May 15/16 to May 29/30. I’m sure you all have the bylaws of the Contingency Plan memorized, but just in case you need a refresher, here is how the voting process works:

  • If a single invited tKO participant votes against the alternate weekend, the vote immediately does not pass and the Kendallville Open will take place on normally scheduled weekend before Memorial Day.
  • An invited participant can vote against the alternate weekend for any reason they choose and without any explanation of their decision. Only invited participants have a say in the initial vote, if and when alternates are selected, they will not have a vote. All votes will be kept confidential.
  • Voting closes at the stroke of Midnight on New Year’s Eve, perhaps will have a countdown and coinciding ball drop.

So if you vote “Nae”, just shot me and email. Again, the sooner, the better. Same with those of you who won’t be making it this year, let me know ASAP, so I can let the Wait List know what’s up. Pete was less than happy with me when I told him he was the first man out.

In other tKO news, I received only positive feedback for the proposed two day schedule for tKOIX, so it looks like we’ll be rolling with that next year. We also figured out the scoring for the team event. See below, nerds!

Round 1 (Friday Morning – Noble Hawk) – This will be the same as last year’s first round. Two players from each team will face off against two players from the other team, in a handicap weighted aggregate scored match play event. Each match will be worth 6 points, halved matches will obviously be split 3-3.

Round 2 (Friday Afternoon – Cobblestone) – This will be the same as last year’s morning round at Glendarin Hills. Two players from each team will be randomly drawn to play two players from the other. The lowest handicap weighted individual score wins 6 points, next lowest would win 3 points, followed by 1 point, and last place receiving 0 points. Points will be split accordingly for tied scores.

Round 3 (Saturday Morning – Glendarin Hills) – This is what has traditionally been the Sunday round at Noble Hawk. Foursomes will again be flighted based on their previous two scores, with no respect to RDGC vs Bixler teams. Points toward the team event will be awarded solely on the performance of the third round. The best handicap weighted score will receive 12 points, than 11.5 for the next best, and so on, with last place earning .5 points for their team. Plus an additional 2 points for each team for a Flight Champion.

Round 4 (Saturday Afternoon – Glendarin Hills) – The scramble. +5 points for every stroke under par, -5 points for every stroke over par.

Trust me, a ridiculous amount of work went into figuring this out. There were multiple spreadsheets involved so you know it’s right. However, NC State’s own Mark S. (and his applied math / statistics double major) was heavily involved, so I’ll understand if you still have some doubts. But I think we’re all good. In case you were wondering the point distribution across the rounds goes something like 13% / 21% / 29% / 37% respectively.

So you have until the end of December to let know what you think about the Contingency Vote, but come January 1st, the date will be set in stone, I want to get our dates in with the Dedicated Golf Coordinator ASAP as well as get to work with Glendarin and Cobblestone about food services, not to mention booking the bus and hole in one insurance policies.

Alright gents, hopefully everyone had a pleasant Thanksgiving, and no one was assaulted by their significant others with a 7 iron. Speaking of which, Tiger looks like his in midseason form for tKOIX!


3 thoughts on “He actually had the nerve to request it….

  1. Jeremy says:

    Oh I want to negate it so bad!

  2. Keith Raimondi says:

    If you were dedicated like me you plan and ruin Christmas with kid births not Kendallville. Congrats though.

  3. Greg says:

    $10 says if you ask Brendan who the culprit is, he will decline to name the individual. Then, exactly 20 seconds later, with no prompting, he will give up the individual freely.

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