Wrap it up, B!

Just dropping in for a quick reminder, anyone looking to put the contingency plan into place for tKOIX must do so by December 1st. If you need a refresher on how this works, click here. If someone does in fact request the Contingency Plan, the backup weekend is May 29th and 30th. Remember, you are only allowed to ask for the Contingency Plan if your significant other is pregnant and if a single person rejects the request FOR ANY REASON, tough shit, bud.

Also, we’re expecting the return of Shane and Curt to the fold this year, so that would push last year’s co-rookies of the year Pete and Kevin James to the on deck circle. So the sooner we know what the field is going to be, the sooner they’ll know if they are getting called back up for another shot at the majors. And we’ll also know if we need to dip into the Wait List this year. Speaking of which, if you got a buddy you think would be a good fit, applications are also due on 12/1.

tKOIX is currently slated for May 15th and 16th, 2014. Yes, that is only two days. Unless someone makes a very compelling argument against it, we’ll be moving to the 2 rounds a day format next year.  The Board is still ironing out all the details of how scoring will work, but all four rounds will count in the RDGC v Bixler Cup, captained by Chris and Nathan respectively. The preliminary format is as follows:

Friday morning, May 15th, 2015 – Noblehawk – The format of this round will be the same as last year’s opening round. Two RDGC team members vs two Bixler team members in a handicap weighted, combined score match play event.

Friday afternoon, May 15th, 2015 – Cobblestone – This round will be the same as last year’s second (played in the morning at Glendarin Hills), foursomes will be drawn at random, two per team per foursome, with the lowest handicap weighted round earning the most amount of points, followed by the second lowest, and so on.

Saturday morning, May 16th, 2015 – Glendarin Hills – This will be what was traditionally known as the final round. We’ll repair into our flights based on your day 1 scores and play it out for both the RDGC Cup and Bixler Blazer. The Board is still working out how scoring will play back into the team game, but it definitely will some how, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to let us know.

Saturday afternoon, May 16th, 2015 – Glendarin Hills – The Scramble.

In case you wanted a peek behind the tKO curtain, here is the thought process in making this change.

Cons first:

  • Players will be required to arrive in Kendallville on either on Thursday night or Friday morning in time for an 8 AM tee time.
  • There are some concerns with the logistics between the Friday morning and afternoon rounds. However, the courses are no more than 5 mins apart and I plan on coordinating a lunch spread at Cobblestone, similar to what we had at Glendarin last year, so hopefully this will alleviate some of those time constraints.
  • Back to back days of 36 holes will be demanding on you body, mind, soul, and liver.


  • Noble Hawk is everyone’s least favorite course, along with them being the least receptive to our shenanigans. This way, we are getting it out of the way early, and presumably we’ll have a little more run of the course considering it will be much emptier.
  • This will eliminate everyone’s miserably hungover round on Sunday morning. Everyone will still be miserably hungover, but at least you won’t have to play golf. Sleep in, eat a delicious crepe at Maria’s crepe house, and make your way home at your leisure. This should also make things easier for those who fly in for tKO.
  • All four rounds will count towards the Team Bixler vs Team RDGC competition.
  • We’ll finally be able to have a proper trophy presentation and closing ceremonies, on the patio at Glendarin Hills. We’ll also schedule the bus to leave much, much later.
  • Most importantly, he highlight of every tKO is always the Scramble, by making it the last event of the tournament everyone will be able to go full throttle without worrying about the repercussions affecting their chance at winning a flight title, RDGC Cup, or Bixler Blazer.

I know that was a lot to take in on Friday evening, but with only six months left to prep, it’s time to start getting in the right frame of mine. It won’t be another five months between posts, promises. I have some big things in the cooker for El Nueve.

PS. It was snowing in Chicago this morning.


One thought on “Wrap it up, B!

  1. Keith Raimondi says:

    Condoms are for sailors!

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