Let’s Go.

Alright, men. Here’s the last post before shipping out to Kendallville. I hope everyone’s ready.

If you are coming out on Friday, the total cost is $288.90, which includes your lunch on Saturday afternoon at Glendarin. $374.79 if you are coming out on Thursday. And if you haven’t already please either Chase Quick Pay me $75 or just bring $75 in cash to the tournament. This covers your bus ride on Saturday, plus all the awards and prizes for the tournament.

Here are the rooming assignments. Don’t like it? Too fucking bad.

Wally & Brendan

Mike R. & White James

Ian & Asian James

Kevin & Paul Blart Mall Cop

Ben & Danny

Keith & Rich

Mark C. & Mat

Nathan & Mark S.

Jeremy & Greg

Pete & Chris

Marty & Mike C.

Austin & Bryce

Here are the mobile event codes for the Status4 app in case your adoring fans want to watch the drama unfold live. Please try to sign in ON A COMPUTER, NOT YOUR PHONE to accept the invitations. Only one person in each foursome needs to enter in scores per hole, I’ll designate that responsibility to someone. Enter in the following codes on the Live Scoring tab of the phone app to follow the scores live.

Thursday (practice round): 6rax

Friday: syad

Saturday: euju

Sunday: od7b

Speaking of apps and shit, remember to use the #tKOCHO hashtag during the tournament. Service in Kendallville shit (shocker), so using #hashtag will make it a lot easier to follow what’s going on.

If you happen to be a defending champ (Bixler, RDGC, or DFL), don’t forget to bring the trophy. And just as a reminder, the DFL is given to whoever finishes in dead last of the Bixler rankings. Also, Greg, please make sure you child didn’t throw up all over the Whale head cover and bring that along too.

That just about covers it all, I hope you guys are as pumped as I am. Safe travels to everyone on their trips to Mecca and remember to #Pray4Shane.


5 thoughts on “Let’s Go.

  1. Jeremy says:

    I am not bringing the Bixler because it is coming right home with me again! If I wake up saturday.

  2. Cam says:

    Yeah, about that whale. My bad….

  3. Greg says:

    Jeremy – No need to bring the Bixler, I’ll just grab it when I drop you off on Saturday. But seriously, can someone make sure that Jeremy and I are up before we leave…assuming the bus is there.

  4. Chanachart says:

    This weekends worrys me. Not because of the emptiness I’m feeling right now but because of what I might find myself doing this weekend to keep my mind off of not teeing off with you boys. Don’t be surprised if I’m found face down in a drained pool somewhere.

    Enjoy the weekend boys, I know it’ll be a blast!

  5. Matilda says:

    Now I’m like, well duh! Truly thfknaul for your help.

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