We’re taking a huge step toward our final golf of live broadcasting the Kendallville Open this year. An app called “Status4” should be able to provide us with a live handicapped scoreboard. It’s available for free on the iTunes app store and on Google Play, so unless you are out here using the Zune (shout out to Kevin) of smartphones, we should all be able to use it, except for old ass Wally and his flip one obviously.

Do me a favor, download this app and register your account using whatever email address I normally use for you. Also, not a bad idea to make your log in name your twitter handle. CROSS BRANDING SON! You should have a pending invitation for tKOCHO. That’s all you’ll have to do for now. The night before round one, I’ll enter in everyone’s official tKO handicap and we should be all set. As long as one person in each foursome enters in everyone’s score as they play a hole, we all should be able to follow the action live and see where we stand. A couple of us tried it out a month ago and it was awesome, until a hail storm moved in and ruined all our cars. But seriously, it’s really kewl. Even your adoring fans back home will be able to follow live with this app.

Here are the event codes to spectate each round. It should keep a running total over all three rounds as well.

Round 1: syad

Round 2: euju

Round 3: od7b

Please note that you’ll also need to keep your scores on the scorecards for the team events. Email me if you have any questions.

Don’t worry, I’ll still have the trusty ol’ spreadsheet to keep scores on, but this is just an added bonus. Want to know what you need to get on the back nine on Sunday to win the Blazer this year? Pull up the scoreboard, pull out the driver on #18 at Noble Hawk, then proceed to rinse it in the lake, card a 9, and finish in 8th place.

Only 10 days out, boys. Don’t bother shitting your pants over the 10 day forecast like I’ve already done twice. It’s a waste of time.


2 thoughts on “Status4

  1. Bixnonymous says:

    My phone doesn’t work in Kendallville, and that’s the way I likes it. But y’all can go ahead and write my name in permanent marker at the top of your screens right now.

  2. AJ says:

    I think I broke it…

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