Y’all, that was a close one.

Today was supposed to be the first day of tKOCHO, traditionally held the weekend before Memorial Day. What’d it look like out your window this morning?


Straight up mizzy in Chicago this morning. How’d it look in the burbs?


That’s right. Snow. And Jeremy, it wasn’t just Robinson hating on me for trying to help you guys out. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!! Own up to it like a man. Next year we’re renaming the teams after Cameron and Ellie.

Anyway, we got two weeks for Mother Nature to get her shit right and raise the temperature about, I don’t know, FIFTY FUCKING DEGREES. In the mean time, this should help everyone get through this Polar Vortex.

Shout out to Ben for finding this gem. That guy is a worse driver than Danny.

I put the finishing touches on somethings this week, like the bus and a few other surprises, so my credit card is on fire. If anyone wants to send me their $75 entry fee over Chase Quick pay, I’m more than happy to take it now. Don’t try to send me that shit over Pay Pal though, just bring cash to tKO instead.

Alright boys, expect a few more posts over the next two weeks. Not having tKONN around this year has been brutal on the content. Quick check of Fairway Files, and it looks like Chris still needs two rounds and Paul Blart needs one. Get on it, boys. Andre is ready to pounce on your spot the moment you guys slip up.


4 thoughts on “Phew…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone ever withdrawn from a round at TKO due to an Applebee’s hangover? What would the penalties be if it actually did happen? If any of our rounds are below 35 degrees than i will consider this an option as I will be sitting in Applebee’s from open to close.

  2. Chanachart says:

    I guess I should chime in here as I fully supported Robinson in not moving the TKO dates – and my stance has not changed. I mean, don’t we all agree that the TKO is bigger than all of us? With that being said, this whole post is assuming that the weather gods are more powerful than the TKO gods… My faith in the Religion that is the TKO means that if we would not have changed dates, it would not be snowing this weekend. I guess we’ll never know. And stop posting stuff about babies, we go to TKO in order to get away from all that crap. Yes. I’m cranky, for years my body has been trained to amp up for this weekend. And now I’m just stuck settling for taking a boat out drinking on the Potomac river all weekend.

  3. Hurricane Mike says:

    You better be wearing that Clemson jersey Mr. Chanachart!

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