Baby Bixler

Congratulations are in order for reigning the Bixler Champion. He and wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Ellie Grace, last night. Baby and mother are doing great, while Jeremy can finally breathe easily, as it looks like he’ll be able to defend his title. Probably. Maybe. Hopefully. Well, we’ll check back in with him in a week or so to see what it’s looking like.

Also, job well done to Jeremy, Greg, and Lloyd, on the timing of these kids. You guys might have been cutting it close, but it looks like they should all be in the clear for birthdays when tKO IX moves back to its traditional date of the week before Memorial Day next year.

Anyway, I’ve confirmed with the hotel that we’ll have 9 players for the practice round on Thursday afternoon at 2:30PM EASTERN. Here’s the car situation, so you guys can talk amongst yourselves to figure out the details.

Arriving Thursday:

Car 1: Wally & Brendan

Car 2: Asian James, Ian, Mike R

Car 3: Paul Blart, Kevin, Danny

Solo: White James

Our tee time on Friday is at 1:15PM EASTERN. Chicago boys, remember to factor that time change into your scheduling.

Car 1: Keith, Rich, Mustang Mark

Car 2: Ben, Pete, Chris

Car 3: Jeremy, Greg, Bryce

Car 4: FNG Mark, Mat

Solos: Austin, Marty, Mike C, Nathan

If you are upset about the lack of content up on the site this year, blame it on two thirds of tKONN being incapacitated. tKONN, stop being so selfish with your first born sons and ruptured Achilles.


One thought on “Baby Bixler

  1. Hurricane Mike says:

    Congrats Wilson! I would like to personally apologize and thank the new baby daddys. When it was first proposed to change the date of the sacred tkOcho, I was upset at the thought of changing tradition. I mean, could you imagine the Indy 500 being pushed back a week (I know, no one cares about the Indy 500 but me).

    Well, now I must thank they fine men for knocking up their old ladies with disregard to a calendar. I mean, could you imagine playing this weekend with the cold weather and rain. I should have known Brendan had this all figured out.

    Thanks and Congrats – see everyone in 2 weeks.

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