Round 1 Pairings

You guys, the captains just finished trotting out their respective teams and it was AWESOME. The Ryde or Die Cup is going to be unbelievable. Here are your round one match ups with the stroke allowance based on handicaps of as today.

Match 1 – 1:30PM

Mike R & White James VS Rich & Wally (+9)

Match 2 – 1:38PM

Brendan & Bryce VS Jeremy & Austin (+13)

Match 3 – 1:46PM

Mustang Mark & Greg VS Mat & Kevin (+4)

Match 4 – 1:54PM

Paul Blart Mall Cop & Keith (+19) VS Ian & Mike C

Match 5 – 2:02PM

Asian James & Chris VS Ben & Mark S (+7)

Match 6 – 2:10PM

Marty & Pete (+15) VS Danny & Nate 

Since two thirds of tKONN is currently out with pregnant wives and snapped Achilles tendons, we’ll just have to hope that Jeremy and Mike R. will broadcast a spirited discussion about what went into their decision making process….

You guys, this is going to be incredible. Let the shit talking commence.


One thought on “Round 1 Pairings

  1. Cam says:

    Dear Mat & Kevin,

    Mark and my dad are going to kick the shit out of you 10&8. That is all.


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