The Field … Finally


Bad news first.


We’ve officially lost Brooks, one of the founding fathers, for tKOCHO. While his response wasn’t quite as wordy as Shane’s, I could tell the pain was there. It simply read “I’m retired”. Hopefully that means he’ll be able to return at some point, but in the meantime we’ll all keep a close eye on his progress turning the Quince Orchard football program into a national powerhouse. Good luck, Brooks. You will be missed. I will ceremoniously tee up 90 degrees to the right on the first tee at Cobblestone in your honor.


However, this also means we’ve finally locked to the Kendallville Open VIII field. This is assuming everything with Greg and Jeremy’s better halves go according to plan AND that they don’t decide to kill/divorce them for bailing on what will be less one month old newborns Nathan style! Cast your votes for Father of the Year now!

In related news: moving off the wait list and into the 24th and final spot is James T.


* A less terrifying image is avaliable on the Player Bios page.

Great, another god damn James to remember. We already have a White James, we’re going with Tall James on this one.  [UPDATE: Bryce absolutely nailed new James’s new nickname, we’re going with KEVIN JAMES from now on. There will be shortening it either. Always and forever, KEVIN JAMES.] Since he’s yet to accept my Facebook friendship (AWKWARD), all I can tell you about him is that he’s a Sparty and he hits the ball a country mile. Some of you might know him from The Murphy invitation, when he teamed up with Keith, Kevin, and Rich, to lose to the greatest scramble team ever assembled. photo

No. Big. F’ing. Deal. Anyway, Kevin, tell your boy to get some scores up on the site. Mike R. and Jeremy have been mock drafting their teams for 3 months now and they’re ready to go.

Last thing, I need to lock down who all is planning on coming to the practice round on Thursday, May 29th, so email me ASAP. In case you need to run a cost analysis, the Friday – Sunday package is $273.20 plus the $75 entry fee which includes your bus fare to and from the course on Saturday. If you do the Thursday – Sunday package it’s $359.80 (plus the $75). We’re planning on playing the Thursday round at 2:30PM. I’ll need a hard yes or no by next Friday May 11th. AGAIN, LET ME KNOW BY FRIDAY MAY 11TH IF YOU ARE IN FOR THE PRACTICE ROUND.


2 thoughts on “The Field … Finally

  1. Greg says:

    I’m on the fence for the practice round. Can I get back to you on say May 12th?

  2. Keith Raimondi says:

    Best luck to you Brooks you’ll be missed.

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