Ryde Or Die Cup II

I know you all are anticipating on baited breath to find out the format of this year’s Ryde or Die Cup and with only six weeks left, your agonizing wait is finally over. Leaked reports of a Team Bixler vs Team RDGC match up are in fact true, pitting Jeremy W. against Mike R. in tKOCHO.



Team will be selected in a few weeks, giving each captain a little more time to attend pro days, comb through Wonderlic scores, and generally assess their potential picks. Everything is based on your handicap, so the more recent scores on Fairway Files, the more informed pick Jeremy and Mike R. will be able to make.

Round One – Friday afternoon, Cobblestone

The format of this round is exactly the same of last year. Jeremy and Mike R. will each pick two players from their roster to square off against two players from the other in team match play event. These teams will be released via live video broadcast on The Kendallville Open website the week of the tournament. Strokes will be given based off combined handicaps, for example, last year Mike R. and I had to give Danny and Keith roughly 90 strokes and still won 10 & 8. Each match will be worth 4 points towards their team’s total, matches that end in a tie will split the 4 points. And remember, as with all rounds, each player must count their own strokes all the way through the round even if the match has been closed out, as individual scores are needed for the overall Bixler and RDGC scoreboards.

Round Two – Saturday morning, Glendarin Hills

Two players from each team will be selected at random to play with two from the other. This selection will be made on Friday evening around the Best Western pool after dinner at Applebee’s. This round will be a handicap weighted round between the four players in each foursome. The lowest handicap weighted score in the foursome with get 5 points for their team, second will get 3 points, third one point, and last zero points, because you suck.

Round Three – Saturday afternoon, Glendarin Hills

THE SCRAMBLE. Here is the biggest change in the format. While the Board hopes that everyone will end up shirtless and wrestling on the 18th tee box by the end of the scramble in a drunken rage, we’ve decided to switch things up a little bit in order to put a little more emphasis on the RDGC v Bixler Challenge. Gone is the traditional scramble draft on Friday night, so everyone whose goal is to avoid joining Danny and Keith as scramble captains can rest easy. Three scramble foursomes will be constructed out of each of the rosters at Jeremy and Mike R.’s discretion. The teams will be announced on Friday night, but not before players are given ample opportunity to provide some insight to the captains on who they feel most comfortable playing (blacking out) with. For every stroke each scramble foursome finishes over par, one point will be deducted from their teams total. For every stoke under par, one point added.

Each team’s points for all three rounds will be totaled on Saturday evening at the Glendarin Hill’s patio, assuming I am not too drunk to count this year, and the 12 members of the winning team will be awarded, assuming I don’t spill the beans and blab about how awesome this year’s prizes are. Look for the teams to be announced in the next few weeks.

Lastly, if you haven’t already, please respond to the invitation as soon as possible either in the comments below or emailing me. We’ll need to confirm the field before teams are picked, so if I don’t hear from you by April 30th I’ll assume you are out this year and open your spot up to the Wait List. Not to name any names, but one of you is in danger of a negative tKO score, meaning you’ll forever be behind everyone on the Wait List, so get back to me ASAP … BROOKS.


7 thoughts on “Ryde Or Die Cup II

  1. Shorts says:

    I’ll play.

  2. Bauer says:

    Count me in

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mustang Mark is in!!!! Bring on the Unicorn Shotgun©!

  4. arab says:

    Bombs over baghdad shall make it rain and will be attending..will Shane be my cheerleader

  5. Keith Raimondi says:

    I’m getting the slight feeling that you may think I’m not very good at golf. I could be wrong but that is the feeling I got from this post.

  6. Becky says:

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