It’s with an extremely heavy heart I must announce that after a brutal injury this spring and a valiant attempt at rehabilitation, tKO Legend Shane C. will not be able to attend this year’s event. Things briefly looked optimistic as his recovery seemed to be accelerating at a breakneck pace, even garnering attention from fitness model Body By Simone:

AJ tweet

But alas, it was too grave an injury to overcome. There are no words that I could muster up to memorialize Shane appropriately, so instead I’ll share with you the same heartbreaking news I received last night.


I’ve been procrastinating on this for some time.  This has been one of the most difficult decisions I have had to make; I honestly spent less time deciding to move to DC.  I knew from February 17th at 10pm ET that my participation in this year’s Kendallville Open would be a long shot.  Similar to how I’ve approached life, I went at my recovery without a doubt that I would be stepping up to the first tee at Cobblestone dressed all in white ready to participate in our legendary annual tradition. 

The reality is I need to focus on the greater good.  What’s better for all involved is to decline my invitation to the 2014 Kendallville Open.  Realistically, at 2pm on Friday May 30th I will only have been walking under my own power for a couple weeks.  As I mentioned earlier this year, I would not take away from the integrity of the tournament by participating if I could not realistically compete nor would I take a spot away from someone who has done everything we’ve asked to be given an opportunity.  With that being said, I asked Peter K. Levine to keep his calendar clear a few weeks ago should he still be considered as the top waitlist candidate. 

Lastly, I mean no disrespect to The Kendallville Open Board by writing this via email.  I debated recording a press conference, a formal letter delivered via certified mail, or some other outside the box method of communication.   However, with 52 days left until tee off the last thing I want to do is to draw attention from what really matters.  The preparation and build up for The Kendallville Open VIII.  I would much rather fade quietly into the night.   

You have both been wonderful in supporting my rehab efforts and you have my sincere appreciation.   I look forward to our reunion for The Kendallville Open IX.  As always, I continue to be in service of the Kendallville Open and its friends.  Please use me as you see fit. 

Respectfully yours,

Shane C.

Always the gentlemen, God bless you, Shane. 😦

However, as the saying goes, when (the golf) God(s) closes a door, He opens a window. So with that said, I’d like to welcome Peter L. to the OCHO!


Expect a formal introduction sometime after this weekend, when he returns from the FUCKING MASTERS.

PS. Fuck Pete for that.


3 thoughts on “#StillPraying4Shane

  1. ben82law says:

    NOOO SHANE NOOOOOOOO!!! With that out of my system. Welcome Mr. Levine. It didn’t have to happen like this, but it did and it’s been a long time coming.

  2. Greg says:

    The Glendarin Hills cart girl just had her annual income cut in half.

  3. Bixler I says:


    Side note — where’d that Library of Congress-worthy letter come from? No way that was you. Must’ve been written by some WASPy Republican District gal of yours … I’m jealous.

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