Cash Money …

So now that the field for the OCHO is set, it’s time we get down to some of the financials.

As always, the tournament will include one round Friday afternoon at Cobblestone, two rounds Saturday at Glendarin Hills (one of which being the scramble) and one round Sunday morning at Noblehawk. This will cost $273.20, due at the hotel, and will include all your golf, carts, hotel rooms on Friday/Saturday night (2 per room), and the “deluxe breakfast” at the Best Western.

There will also be the option of coming in for the practice round on Thursday. This year we’ll be playing Cobblestone on Thursday, so adding that round plus the extra night in the hotel, your total will be $359.80. Just a reminder, both the Bixler and RDGC champs took advantage of the practice round last year. Don’t like fact that some of us will be getting an early look the round one course? Cry me a river. The practice round is open to everyone, so join us. There’s even a Friday morning pancake breakfast at that weird breakfast/Mexican restaurant next to Taco Bell. Also, remember that the Monday before the OCHO is Memorial Day, so just go ahead and take the whole week off of work. You can’t be too ready for tKO.

Due to a mass exodus out of Chicago to the burbs/Cleveland/Denver in the last year, we are most likely going to have to switch things up this year when it comes to transportation. I don’t want to step on Transportation Director Greg P’s toes here, but I’m guessing there won’t be an official tKO van coming from the city for the OCHO. So in hopes of avoiding 6-7 cars on the road, finding 6-7 designated drivers, and all 24 guys getting to the course on time on Saturday morning, I’m looking into the possibility of a chartered bus for the round trip. We are also planning on shotgun starting both the morning and afternoon rounds, in order to minimize waiting around time and maximize patio time. It doesn’t have to, but likely will include shot gunning beers. You are probably as shocked to hear as I was, but transportation options in Northeast Indiana are surprisingly few. However, I was able to find something. It’s a 38 passenger bus, plenty of room for clubs and passed out Dannys.

In the past, the entry fee for The Kendallville Open has always been $40, which covers all the trophies, prizes and gifts. If we were to include the round trip cost of the bus rental, it would bring the entry fee up to a nice round $100. Since I am only the chairman and not tKO dictator (yet!), I want to make sure this price increase is cool with everyone before I book it. So please let me know ASAP. If I don’t hear anything back by the end of the month, I’ll assume it’s all good with you and won’t put up with your lip when it’s time to fork up the loot. The $60 for the bus would just be for Saturday. We’d still be on our own for Friday and Sunday, but most people meet at the course on Friday and leave directly from it on Sunday. Also, those courses are right around the corner from the hotel.


14 thoughts on “Cash Money …

  1. Jeremy says:

    Is the bus for all days or just Saturday? Oh what do I care. I’m in. Unless Marty and I look into getting a pope-mobile style Bixler vehicle.

  2. arab says:

    Peg leg needs a ride please. I’m open to Thursday if I can catch. A ride with someone

  3. Anonymous says:

    We will be allowed to drink on the bus?

    • Excellent question, Anonymous. I decided against asking that in my initial email with the bus company, I would imagine if you do it discretely, HS field trip style, we could get away with MURDER. But for real, i didn’t ask.

  4. Bauer Power says:

    I’ll have to pass on Thursday’s practice round…don’t think my aging body could handle 5 rounds in 4 days. I’m IN for the bus idea. Any special license required?

    I could drive if anyone wants a lift.

    • Your aging body apparently can’t handle 4 rounds in 3 days, considering the way you’ve closed in the final round the last two years. SICK BURN.

      No license required. We’d have a driver, included in the price. Hopefully one that one snitch on us for shotgunning beers all the way home.

  5. Arab's Personal Assistant says:

    Will there be “live” entertainment on the bus?

    • Anonymous says:

      Great question here. I’m also in for the bus

      • Super Anonymous says:

        I agree with the Anonymous brothers. I’m in. Thanks for the leg work. Does the $60 include a decent tip for whichever Applebee’s server has to take the night off to drive us around?

    • I’ll have to see if Marty and/or Ian are available for private dances. I get the feeling they will be.

      Super Anonymous, the $60 includes a tip for the driver, so we’re covered there.

  6. Super Duper Anonymous says:

    I’m sure Keith will feel pretty. Maybe he is up to the task?

  7. Keith says:

    I don’t think you are ready for this jelly.
    I’m in for what ever! Probably not going to do Thursday either. It won’t help.

    Bauer I call shotgun on the ride.

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