The Field Is Set…

It hit above freezing temperatures here in Chicago for the first time this year, so obviously the first thing on all of our minds is The Ocho. And it looks like we’ll have to start with some bittersweet news. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to expand the field to 28 players this year. You guys just keep having goddamn kids! Two thirds of our Indianapolis contingent won’t be able to make the trip as fan favorite Curt’s wife is pregnant and Indy Mark has his hands full with three kids of his own. Mike C., don’t let them down with a repeat performance of last year! Unlike Greg and Jeremy, Curt must cherish is marriage and is choosing the safe route of staying home with either his very pregnant wife or newborn child this year. COWARD. Understandable, but still GUTLESS. I kid, I kid. Congrats to all our tKO guys with little bundles of joy on the way, your timing might not be great, but congratulations anyway. Indy Mark, we’re starting to think you don’t like us anymore. You made off with two Flight Championships, never to be seen again. Also sitting out this year is last year’s 3rd Flight Champion King George. It must have been that shot that Kevin, Ben, and Shane made him take. You will be missed, King. Bryce, you alone carry the family name now. Your father took home some hardware last year, do not let him down at the Ocho.

Despite all the loses this year, I’m still very excited to announce there will be some fresh blood at this year’s event. Ladies and gentlemen, you might recognize him from his work in the soul crushing tKOVII Selection Show, please welcome to the Ocho, Chris!


That’s him in the orange polo. We’ll put together a proper introduction for Chris when he actually starts putting some scores into Fairway Files!!!! Marty, tell your boy to get his shit together! This is only making you look bad!

The Wait List has been updated with everyone’s favorite Pete waiting for one more of you guys to slip up and drop out so he can take your spot. So if you know you aren’t making it, let me know ASAP.


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