I just had to put up a follow up post highlighting some of the responses I’ve received so far.

1. Check on the last post and read Ian’s comment. I don’t know if I can make that comment a post of its own without having to pay extra to make this an adults only blog. But that’s the greatest comment in the history of the internet. IRS Shorts still has it.

2. Asian James, a WAGs are Wives And Girlfriends. I’m assuming your baby’s mama is one of those two.

3. Email from Marty:

My only argument is against the confidentiality clause.  I feel that tKO wives (not girlfriends, due to their non-contractual status) should be legally subjected to the same good-natured ridicule that their Y-chromosomed, rhythm method-ignoring life partners would receive if this information were made public.  Transparency is all I ask.  Since I’m forced to guess, here’s my Top 5 Suspects:

  • FNG Mark (the “F” would be taken literally)
  • IRS Shorts (from that one day in the last 6 months he wasn’t at the country club)
  • Pretty Keith (September birthday + night away from the kid + 5 or 6 bottles of scotch)
  • Social Media Director Jeremy (September birthday + what else is there to do in Palatine?)
  • Mile High Bryce (tired of the job hunt, changing his name to Mr. Mom)
Heading out like a fetus,
Bixler I

Chairman’s note: MARTY IS A GOD.

Email me your responses to the Contingency Plan.


One thought on “Responses…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks like best dressed Greg made “cumsies” in his WAG. By my calculation baby p is due sometime in May…congrats Greg!!!

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