A Few Good Drinking/Golfing Men


While we might be six and half months out from tKOCHO, it’s important that you know the Board never stops working to perfect the Kendallville Open. As mentioned in an early post, we’re proud to announce after yet another successful tournament, we’ve decided to expand once again. Based on the quality of the applications received for last year’s outing, we felt as though this year’s tournament could produce the strongest field in tournament history.

One of the benefits of this expansion is the reintroduction of tKO stalwarts Brooks and Indy Mark back into this year’s festivities, but it also allows for us to inject some new blood into the Kendallville Open, and, with this year’s class, specifically into the Saturday afternoon scramble. With Chris and Pete making their debuts next spring, that leaves on Lloyd and (Tall) James left on the Waiting List. Just a reminder to this year’s already confirmed new players and those hoping to sneak into the field. You must have 5 posted scores on Fairway Files to be eligible.

I hate to put words into anyone else’s mouth, but I think it is safe to say that the Kendallville Open forever and always will placed atop everyone’s list of priorities. But as we’ve seen with pregnant wives and newborn babies, sometimes life just gets in the way. And it’s specifically for this reason that we like to keep a robust Wait List. And even though we expanded this year, there are no promises that we’ll continue to do so, placing even the utmost importance on establishing your place on the Wait List while it’s shorter than the wait list for Masters tickets.

Due to increased scheduling/planning needed to accommodate the move to 28 participants, The Board has decided to move up the deadline for applications to December 15 for tKOCHO, with the hopes of invitations going out around New Years and the field set by late January. The official tKO application is posted on the Wait List page along with the most up to date expected roster for next year’s tournament. New applications will be reviewed and positions on the Wait List will be assigned at the discretion of the Board.

Best of luck to all potential tKO-ers.


The Board

P.S. Even October can’t stop the summer of Yoshimoto.

Yoshimoto Hole In Ones in 2013: 3

Everyone else’s Hole In Ones in 2013: 0


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