Big News, You Guys…


I know you are all waiting on bated breath for the Kendallville Open VII highlight video, but I’m afraid we’ve run into some delays in the pre-production process and the release will have to be pushed back.


But fear not, I’ll get the video this fall/winter when I’m not so busying MAKING HOLE IN ONES….




However, it’s not all bad news for you guys (not me, my summer has been incredible). After many, many billable hours, Mike R. and I have decided it’s time to take the plunge and expand once again. It wasn’t an easy decision but with the smashing success of tKOVII and incredibly strong stable of players on the Wait List, this seems like the perfect time to push our limits. All the details haven’t quite been worked out, we tinkering with shot gun starting the scramble and perhaps going with a charter bus to and from Glendarin Hills, but the Board is confident we can pull this off.

With the news of this expansion, now, more than ever, it’s important for anyone who would like to apply for entry to get their applications in and for those already on the Wait List to create a Fairway Files account and start working towards a legit handicap. So if you sponsored someone last year, make sure they get that taken care of, we can’t have another Nate situation at #tKOCHO.

The plan is to expand to 28 this year to accommodate some returning legends and welcome some fresh blood. Obviously some people won’t be able to make it next year due to scheduling issues (aka inconsiderate significant others and family members), so the sooner you know you won’t be able to make, the sooner we can start warming up the bull pin. #tKOCHO is already on the books for May 16-18, 2014. I have already told sister in law of 6 months that I will be skipping her wedding if she tries to get cute with her schedule, I expect everyone of you to do the same. As the Wait List stands now, Indy Mark, Brooks, Chris and Pete will be joining the tKOVII field, leaving Lloyd and New Guy James, respectively, as the next men up if anyone won’t be making the return trip. If you are considering on taking a Brooks like hiatus, keep in mind your tKO score (tKOs accepted – tKOs declined). You don’t want to be the odd man out.


In addition to the expansion, there’s going to be a little tinkering with the format of this year’s tournament. Don’t worry, every one’s precious scramble will remain untouched. But if I were you, I’d be extra nice to current Bixler champion Jeremy. He might be able to decide your fate at The Ocho.

That’s all for now. Look for the video in the next couple weeks….months…. uh …. sometime before May 16th, 2014. Lots of big things already in the works for tKOCHO and as always the Board is welcome to any ideas about improvements, so send them our way.


One thought on “Big News, You Guys…

  1. White James says:

    I whole-heatedly disagree with this move. I don’t even get to golf with half of the people already! I also would like fewer people to see me hit a 75* slice with my driver on every tee! Please reconsider.

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