Congrats are in order once again for all our winners. Also, look at these drunk assholes, you guys couldn’t beat them?! You suck.

RDGC Champ


Look at the intensity in those eyes. It’s like he’s looking directly into your soul. And shot gunning all of your beer. Good Lord, that is terrifying.

Bixler Champ


Jeremy, you can thank me later for my very clever photo editing here.  That’s a champion’s smile, folks. It might only be Saturday evening, but he knew he had that blazer wrapped up. Then he decided to have a million shots.

Championship Flight Winner


I so wanted to use a picture from Noble Hawk when Nate was in his Sunday’s Finest. Showing up and almost winning the tournament in a fucking t-shirt is such blatant disregard for the BMFD that I can’t help but respect it.

First Flight Winner


This picture was taken immediately before Ian almost broke my spine when I supposedly challenged him to a fight on Saturday, which is totally the reason when I had an eagle putt to win the Bixler on Sunday and ended up three putting. Also I look so confused because I was seeing like 9 Ian’s at that point in the round.

Second Flight


AJ also wins the coveted Commissioner’s Award for tKOVII, which is awarded to whoever makes the dumbest financial decision leading up to the tournament. Upon finding out his wife was pregnant with their first child, James went out and bought an entire new set of clubs and driver. #RESPECT #NiceTryMikeC

Third Flight Winner


A second rookie took home some hardware this year, Love Live The King! In addition to this, he was also a member of the scramble winning team. If he’s not rocking the flat billed Nike hat around Munson, OH, I’m going to be devastated.

Fourth Flight Winner


Kevin threw down a ridiculous 94 on Sunday to win his group and from this picture I would guess that he threw down a ridiculous 94 beers on Saturday. Leaders…in blacking out. But at least he made it to Taco Bell this year. That’s more than some of us can say.

Fifth Flight Winner


Always and forever Fucking New Guy Mark needed the second tie breaker to squeeze past Fucking New Guy Mat with one “t” to win the final flight, improving on last year’s final round by 14 strokes. While he was too drunk to point out on Saturday, he also came prepared with Iverson shooting sleeves for the scramble. This should not be overlooked.

And lastly, the Best Mother Fucking Dressed.

No, we did not abandon the BMFD, only made it more prestigious. Like how the AP poll is considered the more relevant poll in college football because the press actually watches all the games, while the Coach’s poll is normally filled out by some graduate assistant, we decided to switch up how BMFD will be awarded. Only former winners are allowed to vote, because we are the only ones who truly understand fashion…when it comes to amateur golf tournaments in Northwest Indiana. Each past winner ranks their top three best dressed, 3 points are assigned to 1st place, 2 to 2nd, and 1 to 3rd. Points are totaled and a winner is decided. With no further ado, here are you final standings.

T-6. Ben & Nate (1 point)

5. Greg (2 points)

T-2. Shane, King, Brendan (3 points)

And in a landslide…..


I’ve updated both the history page and the players page to reflect everyone’s accomplishments or lack there of.

Also, if anyone has any pictures/videos, let me know and I’ll provide you with the Gmail account to upload everything too. I need as much help as I can get here, because as it stands, the wrap up video will be entirely composed of Shane shotgunning beers off unicorn heads. AKA The Greatest Video Ever.


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  1. Robinson says:

    Drunk. I’m drunk.

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