Thank yous…



I don’t know how we do it year in and year out, but once again I can confidently say that was the greatest Kendallville Open to date.  I might be the chairman, but without the extraordinary work of everyone the board, this tournament wouldn’t nearly be what it’s become.

Keith – Incredible work on the logo, per usual, and especially on the invitations for this year’s tournament. That really set the tone for tKOVII from the start. The moment I saw those, I knew this year would be special. And even I have to admit, those European kits were incredible.

Shane – Every year I get hundreds, nay, thousands of questions of what your role as special advisor to the board is. And every time I can say “Shane takes us to the next level.” This year is no different. Seeing the Kendallville Open flag flying up there with Old Glory, my heart grew three times that day.

Jeremy – Excellent work keeping our adoring fans from around the world clued in. AT&T made things as difficult for you as possible, but you persevered and the Twitter-verse is a better place for it.

Mustang Mark – As the behind the camera talent over at tKONN, we can only imagine how much work it takes to make Greg and Shane hilarious and relatively likable in those videos. You keep plugging away, you’ll get that Sports Emmy soon enough.

Greg – Nothing will stop Greg from getting you all from Chicago to Kendallville on time and safely, not even getting married. I know the van isn’t particularly comfortable, but it’s an incredibly huge asset on Saturday when none of us can see straight. Also bonus kudos for being the Team Merica assistant captain and stylistic driving force that led us to victory.

Ben – Ben introduced the Kendallville Open to live streaming Google hangouts, which is only the first step toward internationally broadcasting the entire Kendallville Open. You have a busy year ahead of you with some of the things we have planned, but you’ve never let us down before.

Bryce – Your carpentry skills are second to none, but more importantly your role as Director of Admissions led to the strongest class of rookies yet. And since we’ve capped entry at 24, I’m sure this job will only get tougher, but I know we can count on you to be as quick and decisive as you are with everything else.

In all seriousness, a huge thanks to all of you. I always say that tKO is just as much fun to put together as it is to compete in but that’s only because we get such a solid group of guys out there every year.  Also, I want to thank all the significant others who put up with this ridiculousness. We know that you’ll never understand our obsession with a weekend of playing dress up in the middle of nowhere Indiana, but the fact that we aren’t all dumped/divorced/killed is a testament to your patience and understanding.

I’ll be putting up posts over the next few weeks, mostly because I’m too depressed to think about anything else, so keep checking back for more. As always, I’m all ears to any suggestions for next year’s tournament, so feel free to speak up. Normally Mike R. and I have an embargo on tKO talk until October, but to hell with that, we’ve already started for next year. Here’s a taste. No more controversial global warfare, it’s too divisive. For #tKOcho, we’re going RDGC Champ vs Bixler Champ. Jeremy, time to send those scouts out.

Until then, I’ll leave you with this…



MAY 16 – 18, 2014


7 thoughts on “Thank yous…

  1. Jeremy says:

    Great job Commissioner. I thought I was going to be able to relax and enjoy the Bixler championship but knowing that I have to create a good team (instead of a drunken-fun-below average scramble team) is already making me nervous. I look forward to ending Robinson’s streak – team related not RDGC cup related.

    • Robinson says:

      Before I move on to the OCHO and he becomes my mortal round one enemy, let me just say that Jeremy was a model team USA teammate and a great scramble captain. He may not have led us to victory, but he led us to 12 shot-gunned beers, and that’s just as impressive!

  2. Keith Raimondi says:

    I’ve been checking the site daily hoping something would be up because I am in denial that the best weekend of the year is past us. Good times once again.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks to the board and everyone for another solid weekend. The lovely DFL has been put away by the gf as its just not pretty enough. Jeremy watch out as I’m gunning for the bixler, he’ll I’ve already made the red eye

  4. AJ says:

    Looking at the countdown clock is depressing…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Is it possible to do the Friday round draft soon? I need to feed my TKO addiction. Also, does anyone want to start a support to deal with the depression that we are 356 days out from next years tournment.

  6. George Kirchhausen says:

    Thanks to all: As a rookie I can truly say how much fun the tkV11 was,with a fantastic group of golfers that know how to have a great time.Thanks again. KING George(POPPY)

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