Game Time.


I’m posting this from beautiful Centreville, MI and life couldn’t be grander. I just wanted to get one last post in before shit hits the fan.

Our tee time is 1:30 Eastern Time at Cobblestone, you can either check into the hotel first or just go straight to the course, it makes no difference to me. Whenever you do check in, here are the rooming assignments. Feel free to change them or whatever, but just go with how I have it listed when you check in, to make it easier on Kim.

Wally & Yosh Mike R. & James H.
Ian & James U.
Shane & Austin
Jeremy & Mike C.
Greg & Curt (Curt and Mike C., feel free to switch, I only set it up like that because both Jeremy and Mike C are coming in on Thursday)
Marty & Kevin
Mat & Mustang Mark
Nathan & FNG Mark
Rich & Keith
Danny & Ben

Also, the entry fee this year has been raised to $50, just because we’re going to collect an extra $10 from everyone to cover the designated drivers on Saturday evening. There will be 4 drivers, so if you happen to be driving a SUV, it would an awesome move by you to volunteer to drive it to Glendarrin Hills, since it might be a tight squeeze on the way back. Don’t worry though, you won’t have to worry about driving home.

The weather has been going back and forth all weekend, so I would recommend bringing an umbrella and some rain gear. But asides from that, everything looks cherry.

I can’t begin to explain how excited I am for this year’s tournament. Mike R. and I are both confident in saying this should be the best one yet. Good luck to all of you this weekend. It’s the competitors in the Kendallville Open that makes this the greatest amateur golf tournament in all of northeast Indiana. I’ll be sure to thank you all during my RDGC and Bixler acceptance speeches.


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