Pardon The Interruption, Knuckleheads…

Tech Super Genius Ben helped me set up a “list” on twitter only showing tKO people and hopefully tKO tweets. Check it. In addition, just remember to put the #tKOVII on all your tweets so we can see what’s going on easier.

So Flip Cam has basically stopped supporting all those cameras we use to make the videos, rendering them useless. This year we’re just going to get everyone to use their phones to take video of their group and then upload them to a google shared drive that I’ll share with you all later. Help me out here and take as much video as you can. Also, when you use your phone, record holding it sideways, it makes for better quality.

Shout out to Keith for the digital package. Hook your social media accounts up, in a sign of solidarity. It will be nice break on my feed from pictures of all your kids.

And just in case you’ve been practicing shots for certain holes, you probably need to know that #14 at Noblehawk has been shortened to a par 3 this year, because they are redoing the tee boxes. So Sunday at Kendallville will be finishing Par 3 – Par 3 – Par 5 – Par 3 – Par 5. I expect at least three holes in one this year.

What’s that? You want some more from tKONN. Don’t worry. #IGotYou #WatchTilTheVeryEnd #Cameos


3 thoughts on “Pardon The Interruption, Knuckleheads…

  1. B. Miller says:

    UN. REAL.

  2. Rob says:

    Stat boy!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Paris club here we come

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