It’s tKO Week…

In case you missed the live broadcast and haven’t watched the 35 min video in the last post (in which case, never talk to me again), here are the match ups for this year’s Ryde Or Die Cup on Friday on along with their handicaps as of Monday 5/13. And in case you didn’t know, your handicap is also based on the course, so it’s not going to be exactly what it says on Fairway Files. So for example, in the case of Austin & Bryce, they’ll get 1 stroke off their combined score on the 11 hardest holes. Hopefully everyone understand how match play is scored. Mike R and I took one from the team and we’ll just keep score for Danny and Keith.

Group 1 – 1:30
‘Mericans: Mike R & Brendan
Euros: Keith & Danny (+46)

Group 2 – 1:38
‘Mericans: Austin & Bryce (+11)
Euros:Mike C & Ian

Group 3 – 1:46
‘Mericans: Jeremy & Wally (+15)
Euros: Marty & Curt

Group 4 – 1:54
‘Mericans: Kevin & Ben (+11)
Euros: George & Shane

Group 5 – 2:02
‘Mericans: Rich & Nathan
Euros: White James & FNG Mark (+9)

Group 6 – 2:10
‘Mericans: Greg & Mustang Mark (+6)
Euros: Asian James & Other New Guy Mat

Oh yeah…and the Kendallville Open News Network just dropped their first installment…and it’s a masterpiece…I see you Greg!!!….[AIRHORNS]

Asian James asked a great question about how the lines are set, so here’s the break down.

Course Handicap = (Handicap Index * Course Slope Rating) / 113

*113 is the slope rating for a standard, average USGA course. I found all of this online, so you know it’s true.

Using AJ as an examples, his handicap for Cobblestone is:

(18.2*127)/113 = 20.45

We round to the nearest hole number, so he’s a 20 for Friday’s round. I calculated everyone’s handicap as such and added each team of two’s handicaps together. The difference between the two is equal to the number of holes the higher handicapped team will receive a stroke on.

Another example, because Keith and Danny are 46 stroke underdogs, they will receive two strokes on everyone hole and a third stroke on the 10 hardest holes…And they will still lose.


4 thoughts on “It’s tKO Week…

  1. B. Miller says:

    Nice work. The janitor better show up on the credits!

  2. ben82law says:

    Bravo bravo! I must say the super-sets were very impressive.

  3. Keith Raimondi says:

    Bravo TKONN I had a similar thought on a video concept, my guess is you did it better.
    *Note to the Chairman as for Friday I’m going to play golf to the best of my ability and keep my score as I normally do. What ever math you decide to do after that is up to you.

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