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Even though we’re adding two near senior citizens and another guy who doesn’t check his email to this year’s competition, it’s important for the Kendallville Open to remain on the forefront when it comes to technologically advanced amateur golf tournaments in Northwesteast Indiana. As always, one of the primary objectives of this year’s tournament is to make sure all of our adoring fans, loved ones, and fellow competitors are in the know when it comes to up-to-date scoring and news leading up to and through out the tournament. While we have every intention to add full television and online streaming coverage for future tKOs, right now the local Kendallville news channels have yet to respond to our numerous requests. For now, our best method is using Twitter. This means that anyone interested in any news or scores should be following @thekvilleopen, manned by our very own director of Social Media, Jeremy W. I’ve also added everyone’s twitter handle to the Player’s page of, just so you know who to be following. Warning, new guy Mat tweets a lot about buildings. If you see that a handle is wrong, want it removed, or have one that you want added, let me know.

I’m assuming most of you know how Twitter works, which is a horrible assumption, but the easiest way to follow everything is to add the “#tKOVII” hash tag to all your Kendallville Open related tweets, so they are easy to search for. You can also set up a “list” which will only show the feeds of tKO related people. All of that likely went over most of your heads, but thankfully, @blvckben will be doing a “How to use Twitter” seminar in the van on the way to Kendallville, @brycek125 is a proud graduate of the program.

While we’re on the topic of social media, be on the lookout for an email from Keith R. with some very important documents. The Kendallville Open is all about brand integration, or some other phrase that I learned from Mad Men.

Lastly, just because Wally will actually be attending this year’s tournament, doesn’t mean he didn’t send a shit load of booze and snacks for the ride and weekend. Hopefully this will tie us over until we can get to Applebee’s on Saturday night. Greg gets dibs on the Goldschlager. And yes @notismith, the Panda cookies are in there.




3 thoughts on “Tweet, Tweet

  1. B. Miller says:


  2. Keith Raimondi says:

    I call shotgun on the iPad. And add Bauer to the list of grandpa’s who don’t know what twitter is. He can’t even manage Facebook.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “Do you know how to post video’s to Facebook?”

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