Jeremy’s Big Board 1.0


As the preeminent draft expert of The Kendallville Open (and in true Kiper fashion it hasn’t garnered me one scramble victory) I thought it would be a good time to update the Big Board for the Scramble draft.

As a reminder this isn’t based on anyone’s true golf ability. I factor in a multitude of different aspects of a person’s game into the rankings. The way people ultimately get drafted will be completely dependent on the captains and what needs they have.  After pouring over game film the last couple weeks here is where we stand.

  1. Mike C. – Terra Haute, IN – Who doesn’t want to be there to see if he repeats from 2012 (being drunkest, not scramble champ)?
  2. Marty – Mayfield Village, OH – Brad Miller
  3. Wally – Honolulu, HI – It’s Wally and there is no doubt someone is going to make sure he is drafted before Brendan.
  4. Brendan – Fayetteville, NC – Can party, can’t putt.
  5. Jeremy – Fairview Park, OH – They call me Mr. Scramble for a reason – oh and I have one dope sound system.
  6. Asian James – Troy, MI – New clubs, good scores posted and can drink. The elusive trifecta.
  7. Mike R. – Troy, MI – Coming off the baby, concerns about priorities being in order.
  8. White James – Mason, MI – The pure golf talent is there, questions about the commitment to drinking linger.
  9. Shane – Mundelein, IL – He has the partying down, will he remember that he also has to play golf.
  10. Greg – Mundelein, IL – Big driver, big drinker – the essentials for a scramble, would be higher if didn’t just get married.
  11. Curt – Evansville, IN – 3 words – Marker’s Mark
  12. Ian – Troy, MI – Not sure how a year off will affect game drinking.
  13. Rich – Schaumburg, IL – Also baby concerns, can he focus on what here came here to do?
  14. The King – Cleveland, OH – He can dance, but can he drink?
  15. Bryce – Munson, OH – Again have to take the father over the sun, concerns of game speed still linger.
  16. Mustang Mark – Mundelein, IL – Coming off knee surgery no one knows what to expect.
  17. Danny – Troy, MI – Fantastic team player, willing to get dirty if necessary.
  18. Kevin – Kalamazoo, MI – Concerns over watching too much soccer lately.
  19. Keith – Schaumburg, IL – I FEEL PRETTY.
  20. FNG Mark – Mebane, NC – Quiet from his camp since last year, not making enough waves to move up board.
  21. Ben – Greensboro, NC – Since switching clubs we haven’t seen the consistency necessary to compete at this level.
  22. Austin – Marietta, OH – Stigma of mole killer still looms, people afraid to associate with him.
  23. Mat – Hoffman Estates, IL – Gets the nod over Nathan based on his stellar application.
  24. Nathan – Owensboro, KY – No game film, is a wildcard as no one really knows what to expect.

Commissioner’s Note: Check out that huge run on Yoshimoto’s early in the draft! We’re the left tackle of tKOVII! On a programming note, the Ryde or Die Cup team’s will be released via live video on Sunday, May 12th, instead of Thursday, because we’re going to a pre-tourney cook out at Brenda and Dean’s….LONGHORNS!!!


One thought on “Jeremy’s Big Board 1.0

  1. FNG Mark says:

    I like being under the radar, so I’m fine being at the 20th spot. But I thought I should add that Mike C. was my cartner for the scramble, and we were running low on the sauce mid-round, but fortunately I had a stash from Friday to help carry us to the next level. And our scramble group won.

    Like any good point guard, I make all of those around me better.

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