Rydie or Die…explained…


When Marty asked me a couple questions to clarify how the Ryde Or Die Cup works, I realized I might not have done such a great job explaining it. So hopefully this example with clear everything up.

Let’s say Captain Mike R. pairs Austin and Ben together against Captain White James’s team of Curt and Danny. This is obviously just an example, because no captain in his right mind would put Curt and Danny together, as the last person you want driving you to “Crazy Town” or anywhere else for that matter is Danny. But just play along with me here.

Everyone is assigned a handicap for each course based on their handicap index (Fairway Files) and the course slope. There’s a long equation in play here that I won’t bother explaining, but I found it on the internet and already have everyone’s figured out, so it’s all good. For the sake of simplicity, let’s just use what’s on Fairway Files. So here we have Austin (19) and Ben (18) versus Curt (17) and Danny (32).  Team Austin/Ben are a combined 37 and Curt/Danny are 49. This means Curt/Danny are getting 12 (=49-37) strokes, one stroke on the 12 hardest holes.  So for you novices out there, that means Curt/Danny get to subtract one stroke for their team total on those twelve holes. The team with the lowest combined score wins the hole, each hole being worth one point. Whichever team (Danny/Curt or Austin/Ben) wins the most holes at the end of round 1 wins the match. REMEMBER TO PLAY YOUR BALL AND COMPLETE YOUR ROUND EVEN IF YOU’VE ALREADY LOST THE MATCH. WE NEED THESE SCORES FOR THE BIXLER AND RDGC. Whichever team (Euro or ‘Merica) wins the most matches, wins the beer. The glorious, ice cold beer. If you still can’t follow, while maybe you should consider quitting golf, don’t worry. We’ll make sure that all of your scorecards are clearly labeled before you play, so hopefully you won’t have any questions.

Now that we’re on the topic of nitpicking rules and what not, it sounds like a good time to introduce our revamped Saturday morning challenge. Do not fret, everyone’s precious Saturday afternoon scramble is remaining unchanged, with the possible of exception of no blacked-out Mike C. this year. Possibly. This game is only for the Saturday morning round.


Friday night, after a delicious meal at Applebee’s and before the scramble draft, we’ll be doing a random drawing to determine the foursomes for Saturday morning. Each foursome will be playing against each other, every man for themselves, however the competition will be handicap weighted to even things out. Just like Friday, we’ll figure out your handicap for Glendarin Hills ahead of time and label your scorecard accordingly. You all play your own ball, and basically all you do is subtract your handicap from your final score. Whoever has the lowest net score wins. Using the same example as before, let’s say Austin, Ben, Curt, and Danny are randomly selected to play together on Saturday morning.   So if Austin, Curt, and Ben all shoot 100 and Danny shots 110, here’s how they would finish:

  1. Danny  110 – 32 = 78
  2. Austin  100 – 19 = 81
  3. Ben  100 – 18 = 82
  4. Curt  100 – 17 = 83


The winner of Saturday morning’s round gets a cool $25 cold, hard cash. All prizes will be paid out as you finish the round, so you can spend it all on Jeremiah Weed and cigarettes at the club house.

It was my goal this year to ramp up the competitive spirit of the non-scramble rounds so that we’ll all root for each other’s failure. I hope everyone hates everyone by Sunday afternoon, because that’s the true spirit of the Kendallville Open.


3 thoughts on “Rydie or Die…explained…

  1. Rich says:

    You lost Keith after “Let’s say…”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Don’t hate on me too much, you’ll need to save some for tKOVII

  3. Keith Raimondi says:

    Rich you are 100% correct. I’m going to golf, keep accurate score and that is it. If you people want to do math and hate each other more power to you. Someone plan on taking care of my card.

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