They Are Risen…

Tuesday night we witnessed Kendallville Open history. Human emotion in its rawest form. The ecstasy of victory and agony of defeat. Our heartfelt condolences go out to Chris A., who soul was crushed before our very eyes. But as this Easter holiday reminds us, keep faith, dear Chris, all is not lost and hopefully you’ll be joining us behind golf’s pearly gates next spring.

Congratulations are in order for not only Mat H. but for all of this year’s new competitors. Along with Mat, Wally, The King, and Nathan round out the class of 2013. I was finally able to secure a picture of the ever elusive King and updated the Players page, although Mat’s picture seems to be from 2004. Along with the Players page, the Wait List for tKOVIII is also up to date.

tKO-ers, both old and new, as spring comes and your preparation ramps up, be sure to enter your scores to Remember that you need at least 5 scores posted to have an official tKO handicap and to be eligible for all handicap related competitions, including the Bixler. As of today, Ian is still two short, while Nathan hasn’t posted anything and Mat still needs to join the site. Also, if you sponsored someone and they weren’t admitted this year, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have them also sign up, just so they have a handicap when they are eventually invited. Without giving too much away, we’ve added a few more handicap related events (and more opportunities to win beer) to this year’s tournament so you’ll want to make sure everything is up to date.

We’re under seven weeks away and it might be warm enough to actually start playing, so get excited, boys. And Happy Easter.


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