The Wait List

Well boys, it looks like we’ve lost another one for tKOVII, as Brooks won’t be making the return trip to Kendallville, leaving his record for career withdraws there for the taking. Curt, Asian James, I’m talking to you guys. Dream big!

Brooks, you got an “In Memory Of” video tribute last year and since I don’t have any new footage of you, this will have to do. Courtesy of Mike R.

Brooks missing

Brooks, you will be missed. However, you will also be replaced.

Because the Kendallville Open has reached the maximum size of 24 this year, we will be implementing a wait list. The Wait List, to be more accurate. Fret not, all of you should be safe…for now. Moving forward here is how invitation to the Kendallville Open will work. And yes, I know that’s an oxymoron but we’re not buying another domain name.

  • Every year the 24 most experienced players will be invited (i.e. most Kendallville Opens competed in).
  • Missed tKOs will count against a players total. For example, Indy Mark has played in 3 and now missed 1, so his total is 2 tKOs. Brooks has played in 4 and now missed 3, so his total is 1 tKO.
  • If there is a tie among the players atop the wait list, the first priority will be “most recent tKO competed in” and the second will be “first tKO competed in”. There is a poll listed below for the third tiebreaker which will more than likely never be put into effect.
  • Players with no prior experience must be sponsored by a veteran tKO-er. Submissions will be due by March 15th every year.
  • For the initial wait list, priority among sponsored players will be based on how many tKO’s their sponsor has played. After next year, players will move up  based on how long they’ve been on the wait list and new sponsored players will be ranked beneath the previous year’s class.
  • Players will only be allowed to sponsor a one participant a year, so chose wisely.

Mike C. is working on a replacement Brooks, and Bryce has thrown a name into the hat, but if you would like to nominate a player for sponsorship, email me and I’ll update the wait list accordingly. Again nominations close on March 15th.

In other news, we need to lock down this van situation ASAP. It appears that some of the Chicago contingent is looking into coming in on Thursday night, as opposed to Friday morning, which would rule out the van as an option. If this is the case, first, RIP The Van, and second, we’d have look into some other options for transportation on Saturday. So, please respond to Jeremy or Greg as soon as possible with your decision on the van. I’d like to put some feelers out for other options next week.

I’ve contacted a charter bus company, which would run us about $55 each for a ride to and from Glendarin. I’m going to looking into getting access to a couple 15 passenger vans, however rental services in Kendallville are surprisingly few and far between. Or we can try to get 6 or 7 designated drivers through Kim, which is kind of a pain in the ass, but the cheapest option. Like I said, please get back to Jeremy/Greg about your decision, so I can get the ball rolling on those other things. I’m planning on putting up a post with another poll up next week if we end up needing to figure that out.


4 thoughts on “The Wait List

  1. Natalie Valenti says:

    The Bauer Clan is very excited for the tournament this year.  I’ve asked Rich to put Nathan Bauer on the wait list. If Rich doesn’t bring me home my, I mean, THE trophy, then I’ll have to count on Nathan to bring it home… or go get it myself. 

    Conditioning starts….now.


    Be Green, Don’t Print: 1 ream of paper uses 6% of a tree (that adds up quickly!)



    • brendanyosh says:


      You’ll be happy to know that I’ve added little Nathan to the wait list and we’ll be happy to have in at tKO XXVIII when he’s finally reached the legal drinking age. We can’t have any competitors using banned practices/substances, for example playing sober or drinking water.

  2. White says:

    Also, not that I ever plan on missing this event, ever, but if for instance an asteroid hits earth or something, do titles won count in any way toward my wait list status?

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