Following up…


I trust that you’ve all received your invites to this year’s tournament by now. If you haven’t, that sucks because they are amazing, so consider this your invitation. Everything is confirmed and reserved, here are the details in case it affects those of you who are still undecided.

Thursday round (optional) – 12:30 PM EST

Island Hills (
61809 Stonegate Drive
Centreville, MI  49032

Friday afternoon – 1:30 PM EST – Cobblestone

Saturday – 8:30 AM / 2:30 PM EST – Glendarin Hills

Sunday – 8:00 AM EST – Noble Hawk

Thursday thru Sunday – $331.40 (due at hotel)

Friday thru Sunday – $227.60 (due at hotel)

Tournament entry fee – $40 (due to commissioner)

I’ve booked 3 tee times (12 players) for the Thursday round, with the option of narrowing it down to 2 groups. In the case of increasing it to include a 4th group, it’s possible, but I would need to do so relatively soon, so you “maybes” need to get back to me on that ASAP. Not only do we need to figure out how many players we have on Thursday, we all need to figure out if the Chicago crew is doing the van again.  If I don’t get a response soon from the guys who haven’t said anything, we’ll have to start looking for replacement players, and no one wants to deal with that headache.

Before I get to the responses, it’s with a heavy heart that I have to announce the Indy Mark won’t be able to join us this year. You won’t be forgotten, Indy Mark, and we expect to see you for tKOVIII. Your video tribute will be coming soon.

But as one door closes, another must open. I’ll give a proper introduction to our newest competitor in the future, but for now, I’d like you all to meet Nathan.


Upon receiving his invitation this year, this was his response:


Id be honored to accept this opportunity. In fact, most of my golfing the last few years has been in preparation for when this email would arrive in the inbox. So eager am i that i am planning to leave my what will be 3week old daughter at home (either that or she will be riding in the basket on the back of the cart). 
Already okd by the wife.  Count me in.

He’s already been added to the fairway files pages and having played a few rounds together, I can safely say that I think we have a player here, folks.

With all that said, here’s where we are with responses so far:

Player / In for tKOVII / In for Thursday round

  • Yosh / Yes / Yes
  • Mike R. / Yes / Yes
  • White James / Yes / Yes
  • Wally / Yes / Yes
  • Ian / Yes / Yes
  • Marty / Yes / No
  • Austin / Yes / No
  • Rich / Yes / No
  • Ben / Yes / No
  • Mustang Mark / Yes / No
  • Shane / Yes / No
  • FNG Mark / Yes / No
  • Danny / Yes/ No
  • Bryce / Yes / No
  • George / Yes / No
  • Kevin / Yes / Undecided
  • Nathan / Yes / Undecided
  • Curt / Yes / Undecided
  • Asian James / Yes / Undecided
  • Mike C. / Yes / Undecided
  • Greg / Yes / Pending transportation
  • Keith / Yes / Pending transportation
  • Jeremy / Yes / Pending transportation

I need responses from the following people:

  • Brooks

For those of you who haven’t responded, please do so immediately either in the comments below or by emailing me. Also, for those of you who are undecided on the Thursday round, as of right now there are 8 open spots, increasing it to 12 shouldn’t be a problem, as long as we do so quickly, so get back to me on those too.

I’m putting Greg back in charge of the Chicago Van again, as he did such a wonderful job last year. Personally, I hope the van happens again as it made transportation to and from the courses (and finding designated drivers) much easier. However, if this isn’t an option this year, I’ll look into finding another means to getting us to and from the course on Saturday, perhaps a school bus (100% serious).

We’re officially under 3 months, I hope everyone is working of their game as hard as I am. Prediction #1  – I will back in the second flight this year, no more slumming it with Greg, Kevin, and Shane. SHOTS FIRED.


I’ll be updated this page as I hear back from people.


4 thoughts on “Following up…

  1. Ian says:

    Yosh – I’m in for all assuming Asian James wants to carpool for the Thursday round. I’m sure he does. Word to tha thrid.

  2. Keith Raimondi says:

    This is bull shit, as a bottom tier ambassador I call for a shitty player maybe a dude missing a limb or something. There is enough competition for the top spot this new “player”
    ~in protest (sorry new guy, no offense)

  3. aj says:

    I’m in for Thursday!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yosh, thanks for the invite but I’m out. I blame sequestration and my second born for this tragedy!!

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