Swagger on a hundred, thousand, billion

I hope you didn’t have any intention on winning this year’s Best Mother Fucking Dressed or the first ever Bawse of the Year award, because those competitions are officially over now. Ben, Greg, Keith, me…better luck at tKOVIII.


The King’s scramble draft potential is as high as Danny’s at his first tKO. We’re talking 2003 Lebron level shit.


5 thoughts on “Swagger on a hundred, thousand, billion

  1. ben82law says:

    That’s not even fair. Conceded. Guess all I can do now is to work on what little golf game I have.

  2. Cahill says:

    C’mon now, don’t concede yet boys. I’m sure Keith has a sweet follow up to “I Feel Pretty”

  3. Keith Raimondi says:

    I will continue to long good and Feel Pretty!

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