Don’t sleep, Mike R., White James is coming for you.


If anyone wants their off-season training regiment posted to the site, just send me the youtube link. Suggestions:

  • Best Dressed Greg looking to regain his title as Best Dressed.
  • Mr. Scramble Jeremy drinking heavily and testing the newest speakers at Buck’s Super Cool Stereo World.
  • Bixler Blazer winning Marty just being a classy dude.
  • Mike C. making his bed….on the couch after she sees the unreleased footage post scramble last year.

I’m talking some 30 for 30 stuff. Make it happen people. If White James can face his fears and start thinking about tKOVII, then any of us can.


3 thoughts on “REDEMPTION…

  1. B. Rad, Jr. says:

    Huge advantage for WJ … Baby Robinson won’t weigh enough by May for Mike R. to put on any real muscle mass. Well played by White James and his son, White, Jr.

  2. chanachart says:

    I think we should add WJ junior to the tKO roster, if he’s running around with those medicine balls all day… watch out!

  3. arab says:

    What about me keeping longest drive?

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