Expansion Pack….

tKO never sleeps and you know this….MAN.


4 thoughts on “Expansion Pack….

  1. Marty says:

    Wow! As long as this doesn’t mean I have to start acting like a responsible adult, this is great news!

  2. White James says:

    I support this move 100%. Big George is awesome and I am sure Wally is a great choice based on his enthusiasm for TKO and his sending us care packages every year. Also, Brendan, you are awesome at a lot of things, but performing on camera does not appear to be one of those things.

    • I am about as good on camera as you are at putts on the 18th green at Noble Hawk with the championship on the line.

      That was too easy. However, I did miss being able to rag on you for an entire year about choking it up.

    • Jeremy says:

      He might be horrible on camera White James, but at least you can’t tell he is reading from a script.

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