On to the next one….

The Kendallville Openers,

First of all, I’d like to thank all of you for yet another successful Kendallville Open. At the end of every tKO, Mike R. and I look at each, him usually clutching the RDGC Cup and me with tears rolling down my cheeks, and say “That’s it. We’ve mastered the Kendallville Open. I have no idea how we are going to top that.” And every year we blow the one before out of the water.  As much as I would like to take all the credit for everything, I know what it really drives its success is you guys.  With everyone’s help, suggestions, and overall attitude, we’ve turned a tiny golf weekend with four guys five years ago into the shit show it’s become today.

Congratulations are in order for both of our tKOVI champions. After draining what Curt called a “butt clincher” for birdie on the 18th hole, Mike R. takes the RDGC Cup back to his new home and baby in Atlanta.  And after putting up a handicap adjusted 60 on Friday, Marty ran away and hid (disguised as Brad Miller) for the rest of the weekend to win the inaugural Bixler Championship.

Also taking home some hardware were flight champions White James (1st), Indy Mark (2nd), Shane (3rd), Austin (4th), and Jeremy (5th). White James and Indy Mark both appear to be working on a set, while Shane, Austin, and Jeremy, all first time winners, will surely come back next year looking to win one for their significant other and/or hooker friend.

Here are the final scoreboards for both the RDGC and the Bixler.

RDGC Leader Board

Bixler Leader Board











Don’t worry, next year, we’ve already planned dual scoreboards and I finally figured out how to sort on that fucking iPad, so no more breaking Asian James’s heart again and again as I keep adding up scores incorrectly.

Speaking of next year, the Board is always taking suggestions on how to improve next year’s tournament, so if you have anything in mind, feel free to leave it in the comments or email me if it’s a little more controversial, like something Mike C. would say.  Also, if you already know you won’t be able to attend, please let me know sooner rather than later, as the Board needs to discuss the realistic possibility of expansion.

In the coming weeks, I’ll update the stats, history, and player profile pages (you’re welcome Marty) with some more recent head shots. I’ll also add the link to this year’s picture gallery, so if you have pictures you’d like added, let me know and I’ll give you the log in information for the Piscasa account. And the wrap up video might take a little bit longer to edit this year, so don’t hold your breath on that getting finished anytime soon. Don’t worry, anyone who might have gotten ridiculous hammered, I’ll be sure to leave anything incriminating on the cutting room floor. To hold you over until then, here’s a gallery of the pictures I have so far: tKOVI Image Gallery.

If anyone picked up an Olympus camera or one of the scramble winners bottle openers, please let Shane and Mustang Mark know. Amazingly this, along with everyone’s dignity, was all that we managed to lose this weekend. If you find something that’s not yours or realized you lost something, let me know and I’ll put a “lost and found” message up on the site.

Remember to keep entering your scores into Fairwayfiles.com, hopefully next year everyone will have a handicap a little closer to their actual skill level. I’m talking to you, Marty, with your ridiculous -19 for the handicapped tournament. Get the fuck out of here. Ian, Brooks, and any of you who have friends you think might be interested in joining us for the VII, make sure you create a Fairwayfiles.com account. Starting next year, everyone must have at least 5 rounds on there to be eligible for the Bixler.

Well boys, that’s about it. Congrats to our winners and thanks again to everyone. The Kendallville Open weekend has truly become one of the highlights of my year, and once again, the VI did not disappoint. Good luck on the links this summer, hit ‘em long and straight. And rest assured that I will have my fucking shit together for tKOVII and you will all be very sorry.

And with that, we’re off….

See you boys May 17, 2013.

Brendan Y.

Chairman, The Kendallville Open


8 thoughts on “On to the next one….

  1. Jeremy says:

    Lost: one badass speaker. Last seen in a picture with Brad Miller passed out next to it.

  2. Keith Raimondi says:

    I’m still amazed that I had fun even though I had 2 of my worst names since the infamous 144. Just terrible.
    Thanks agin to the board for putting all this together. And to transpo captain Greg for driving mostly while looking at the road and some times with hands on the wheel.

  3. B. Ixler Miller says:

    I resent the accusations, Jeremy. Expect to hear from my legal factory.

  4. Indy Mark says:

    Instead of towels or headcovers next year, I think the SWAG we should all get is:

  5. Indy Mark says:

    Not THE Dream Team. Some Random Team USA.

    • Jeremy says:

      Just did a little research. Turns out anytime Brad is on the USA team we end up with a bronze medal. I don’t blame him though, in 1998 I blame Jimmy Oliver and in 2006 I blame some punk from Akron, OH.

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